Modern Warfare slow download?

Hey, all!

We have been tracking these slow download issues and have an idea on what may be causing it. I would like to collect information from people who are experiencing Slow downloads (2MB/s and less) only. This would be for people who would normally get faster downloads for Blizzard specific games.

Please post the following information:

  • When downloading Heroes of the Storm or Hearthstone, is the download speed faster? If so how fast?
  • Router Brand
  • Router Model
  • If you have QoS or SIP ALG settings on your router, what is it set to? Does changing these setting affect the download speed?
  • If you bypass your router completely does it resolve the problem?
  • If a VPN does help, which VPN are you using?

Please post this information in this thread. If you have a similar issue, such as not being able to download at all, please make a post about your problem in a new thread.


•Router Brand: ORBI

•Router Model : idk

•If you have QoS or SIP ALG settings on your router, what is it set to? Does changing these setting affect the download speed? No

•If you bypass your router completely does it resolve the problem?
No bypasss
•If a VPN does help, which VPN are you using? I’m using hotspot shield and yes it works a little

Explain why i get 2mb/s on WIFI but whenever i plug in my LAN it fails to connect to but internet works.

Hi, I’m from Hong Kong, login at US server:

At the start of the download, my speed is 40+ MB/s. Then it gradually falls down to 5-6 MB/s after like 20-30 sec, and stay there.

Whenever I pause or relog and resume downloading, it starts with 40+ again and yes, it falls back to 5-6 again.

Then I tried switching to Asia server, it starts from 0 MB/s and gradually increases, but again, stable at 5-6 MB/s, same.

So… any idea?


I have the same exact problem.

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I am stuck downloading at 0 now…


I’m trying to download the new 8GB patch and it’s only doing it at 260KB/s.

With speedtest my current internet speed is just over 800Mb/s. This is crazy. Because of this patch I wont be able to play again until tomorrow.


Help us Blizzard. 40mbps on speedtest, 2mb download. If this doesn’t improve fast I will be requesting a refund.


Delete battle net in program file and restart your pc i got 50mb/s for 2 mins xD

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Thats weird i delete PremierOpinion in my fonctionality programs and i can download without problem now. It seem premieropinion is a virus


“I believe that Blizzard is throttling these downloads to ease the load on their servers. With what we pay for the games this is ridiculous.”

  • From an older thread on the same topic.

I would have to agree with this. After running speed tests and packet tests on my network- there is no issue attaining 50Mbps download speeds. It is only the Battlenet application that has a down speed of 600kbps. I’m in the UK and found that switching my IP to Asia with a VPN bumps the speed up to 43Mbps for a few moments, before it gradually drops to 300kbps after 20 seconds.

I would not at all be surprised if this was Blizzard throttling downloads in order to prevent the overloading of their servers. Modern Warfare is immensely popular and lots of people will be trying to download the gargantuan 100+GB game this week. But where I take issue is with the refusal to acknowledge that possibility by Blizzard. It’s clear to me that the issue is not on the user end and the silence on this only adds to my suspicion.


That’s shocking… 3 days??

Sadly, I’m experiencing the same exact issue. 500Kbps max speeds. Whenever I switch regions on a VPN, I get a burst of 10Mbps until the speed decreases to 300kbps in 20 seconds…

I wouldn’t be so suspicious if it weren’t for the moderators completely ignoring any mention of throttling. I’ve seen 7 threads where nearly every poster has the same issue, but the mod will only ever respond to the parts of their comments that have nothing to do with the issue being a them problem…

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Hey, all!

We are most assuredly not throttling anyone or any specific networks. I asked for specific information in my post above, as it appears to be related to specific network settings on players local networks. Which is why a VPN is helping, and why bypassing the router is helping.

If you are wanting to help find the cause of the issue, please provide the requested information in this post:



I am downloading for 4 days now. The speed test shows 70 to 95 mb/s, but the download is very very slow. It downloads at around 1 Gb per 24 hours


Router is Netcommwireless, I do not have any issues with other downloads. NBN router is Arris CM8200

I just turned “Future patch data” Maximum download rate to 0 (Unlimited) and it seems to have helped. A bug in the patcher maybe?

I downloaded the game yesterday at 5MB/s - all 120 GB. Then go to play today and it needs to download an additional 8GB - at 500 KB/s. Really sh*t house impression for:

  1. forcing and additional 8GB and
  2. sht house download speed.
    So overall impression of this game currently is sh
    t as I can’t play it. It is going to take longer to download the 8GB patch than it did the game - fu*ked up.
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Used Express VPN to route to San Francisco (I’m in Australia) and now getting up to 3MB/s. VPN helps - like some regions have priority or something.
BTW - the Nivida driver update I just dowloaded was at full speed - no issues - it is just the game.

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I was having this issue as well. I have 1Gb Internet speed and was only able to get 30mb/s… after switching to a VPN i was able to be 200mb/s… If i disabled my VPN while downloading without pausing the download, i was able to stay on the server and get 300-350mb/s… Except after 10-15mins it would slow back down to 30mb/s and i would have to enable/re-enable vpn again…
I have been able to achieve 1Gb/s on battlenet server before… Strange.

It is 5 days since COD MW release - and I am still downloading it at around 50%