Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Slow or Stuck Downloads

Got the same issue.
Downloads for other Blizzard games works.
Connected to Europe region - Denmark.

Have uninstalled battlenet app and removed all local files at installation folder and programdata and uninstalled game.
But problem still persist.


Switched to Americas region above play button, and it started downloading after 2 min.
Might need to restart battlenet app.

I managed to download a lot, but now that is dead to.
Just gonna wait until they fix it somehow.


this didnt work for me (europe to america)


Honestly - there’s no need to freak out people. Because cant play it anyways! I’ve downloaded 172GB (which only installs to 163GB BTW!?) and when you open the game you cannot play because it will disconnect you every 2 mins. Even on single player. Doesn’t matter what region I try.

Is gonna be days before back to stable I bet. Madness. FYI I used a VPN to connect America to DL. Europe is MAD overloaded. Got full speed, still took hours granted but worked, but like I say - dont matter cos servers still stretched making it unplayable even once downloaded.

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I was a fool and i purchased the modern warfare. Because i liked the warzone… And the servers still don’t work. I requesteda refound. Maybe at least i can play a little bit of warzone at the end of the one free day in a week.


Hey im having a trouble downloading modern warfare ever since the 1.18 update I can download everything else but not MW i have tried uninstalling the game that didnt help now i cant download the game, I can easily download Wow. I have also tried uninstalling battlenet that didnt help either… And its so F****** frustrating


Hey guys, anyone of you are facing the horrendous slow download speed of Blizzard?

I’ve been trying all mentioned solutions from this topic: Modern Warfare slow download?
The mentioned malwares are not found. Not browser nor programme files. Thus I don’t think they exist in my PC (I hope not).
Not using Total AV as I have a paid McAfee - Disabled the functions as well.
QoS software - never touched it, thus shouldn’t be an issue.
Some players said VPN might work, but it isn’t working on mine.

Steam is working at 10MBps, whilst Battlenet is working on gruesome 200kbps.

So any solutions to this issue?


Read up buddy. Is a problem for ALL. Biggest thing right now. Look around ; Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Slow or Stuck Downloads (March 27, 2020)

I switching american and europian regions, and now from us, the download speed is 10 mb/s. Not the best, but its something.

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Yo guys,

i hope the two cases of you, which are full downloaded the patch and still cant play because of getting kicked after two minutes are solo cases.

My first step is downloading the patch and then just praying that i can play it!

Downloading the Patch
The solution which is working for me in this moment:

Download VPN all said.
-> for no data limit free VPN i found “ProtonVPN”, you can just download, sign in, get free trial 7 days and connect to USA.
All the other free VPN like tunnelbear for example has a 500mb data limit. So use ProtonVPN!

  1. Pause the patch process
  2. Log out and change the Server from Europe to America and then quit the client
  3. Start and log in to ProtonVPN as a desktop app
  4. Connect with VPN to USA
  5. Start and log in
  6. Go to Modern Warfare and change the region to America
  7. Start the patch process again!

Right now im downloading with ~6 mb/s, so lets see what happens after.


Its dropped to 0 again… Blizzard are working on this?

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I paid for this. I checked again, my internet connection is fine. I paid for a game and its downloading like 5-4 hours and still not downloaded. Shame… in 2020. I feel like in 2005. But in 2005 the average games not was 80gb.


I find it embarrassing that it’s been 24 hours and I can’t update the Call of Duty MW game. I paid the 60 euros it costs and the battle pass which is another 10 euros and I find this problem. It’s something you should be ashamed of as a company. Also being a weekend you cannot play your games. I hope some type of compensation since I will not be able to finish the battle pass for the more operation of your application. I hope activision realizes and returns to STEAM.
Thank you


Omg so true, i wish too. If this game are on steam, there will be no problem.


Same here, on PC all 3 errors, a right pain, I can download from the Americas but not EU, the files getting “corrupted”, this is a really poor show from Blizzard and Activision. Although I don’t see my friends on consoles having any major issues, either.


And i keep getting this error: BLZBNTAGT000008A4
I follwed the link and not that the case. My internet is fine! They don’t care about customers. Its so hard to wrote an explanation or something? Why this happens? If it some unexpected technical issue, and if they working on it hard, that i can acceppt. But they just repeating the same vpn ** again and again! Its still have to download 30gb with 100kb/s… I really thinking about refound at this point. “We have to vote with our money”


Switched regions. There is nothing effective :confused:

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bonsoir gros probleme sachant que nous payons un jeux plein tarif vous mettez le warzone gratuit pour le bof et nousclients de call of vous nous mettez en attente ou carrément le jeux ne fonctionne pas la mise a jour et a effectuerdsl de travailler mais quand on voit que vous ets pas fichu de faire le taff c’est pas cool du tout j’ai déjà tout fait reboot le pc la box vu les spam l’anti virus c’est vraiment pas cool je suis pas trop satisfait de mon achat pour le prix le jeux bug c’est pas super du tout .
Cordialement .
Bon courage a vous ^^ .

I have the same problem! I have now tried some EU regions via my VPN and none of them work. It looks different with the other continents. The download starts without any problems.

I have all these issues, tried all suggested solutions i have seen, what I find really strange is all other games I have in Bnet App downloads perfectly fine.

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