How long will it take to Blizzard deal with slow download speeds?

It is so easy to find in the forums and everywhere online about players countless complaining about slow game or patch speeds.

I notice many players having their connection speed from 20mbps to 1gbps and they all have issues with slow download speed.

I saw countless replies from Blizzard community managers asking them to run a lot of checking in our side things like antivirus, tracert, ping, router configs, etc.

Is it honestly so hard to admit it is capping on your side?

Let’s check for a second how fast is downloading from Steam? I can get easily 37MB/S it means something like 300mbps.

Today CoD MW patch download is capped at 3MB/S meaning 24mbps.

There can be no arguments on that. Honestly, it is embarrassing for the company to provide service like that.


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