Zg enchants need fixed


Currently this is happening

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That was possible in actual vanilla, I know because I did this to help my characters level in both Vanilla and TBC. Its not just the ZG enchants either, you can also use AD and Naxx enchants, head, shoulder and leg slots. It was also possible in burning crusade.


Yep, detailed in this thread on the method used in TBC:


thats normal- did it on my alts back in the day

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Yeah I think the genie is already out of the bottle unfortunately

as a warlock who would benefit greatly from this even I have to admit this is a game breaking exploit.

needs to be addressed asap

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It’s not a bug or a glitch, ergo it’s not an “exploit”.

did you also have a 2 hour trade window for raid drops as well back in the day?

what is now going to happen is that guilds are going to spoon feed all the ZG idols to Rogues and Mages for their respective melee and caster enchants

said Rogues and Mages will then show up to raids with as many ZG enchants as possible, receive the specific loot items that drop, put them in the trade window and enchant them at the same time for each melee and caster respectively

that’s the problem here

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That’s the part that’s broke, you couldn’t do this with what are really bop items in vanilla, but because Blizzard changed things for their ease of management, something they don’t look like happens anyway, no idea why we even have the loot trade anyway. We all Both my just fine on the private servers and vanilla without them.