Zandalari Still not Nerfed

Idk how horde fail to understand we are mad because years of horde having better racials has destroyed faction balance in high end content. Horde never struggle to find groups or guilds because there are so many of you and there are so many of you because good guilds have switched to horde for the better racials and raiders have followed for more chances at finding a guild/groups.


Just an FYI the racial’s everyone’s complaining about aren’t even in the game yet…so you’re wrong and complaining about something that’s not even in the game yet.


It’s going to be and nothing will be done until 8.2


It’s funny because you probably never complained when every top PvPer was human. You’re a hypocrite who complains about racials that don’t even effect you anyway.

Tons of people run and down content on alliance still, you guys get free heroic raiding gear every tier. Stop complaining already and just play the game. You probably are never going to a mythic world first raider anyway, so racials don’t even matter.


Not only selective memory, but actually being naive enough to think that Blizzard doesn’t know these things already and it isn’t working exactly as they intend it to.

Blizzard wanted all the PvPers to switch to Alliance during that time just like Blizzard wants everyone to think this racial is OP so you will pay them a month sub to unlock them.

You know what happened? Human racial got nerfed into the ground. Can’t say the same for horde racials.

If racials don’t matter why isn’t method playing alliance still?


Again, you’re moving the goalposts. You said something false; that the horde have never had a racial ability that invalidated a spec. In fact, you enjoy access to a racial that used to invalidate three, and did so much harder than anything EMFH was ever capable of.

And, FYI, I’ve been around long enough to remember the 20 seconds of fear immunity WotF used to give. Undead rogues and warriors could kill a fully MC-geared warlock in far less than that back then so we basically didn’t exist in PvP for almost 4 years.


You realize it ONLY got nerfed LAST expansion, right? Its been in the game 13+ years. Just stop.


You’re absolutely correct lol.

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Jeze, dude. Learn how to use Google.

Added in 2008.
Obliterated in 2016.


Doesn’t change anything. Its been in the game longer and was the most broken racial unarguably.

Yet you or OP probably never said anything about it. You’re just hypocrites.

Oh no, you did. You said it wasn’t even good. :rofl:


So explain the state of the raiding and dungeon leaderboards to me. If horde isn’t OP, what gives?


Honestly might as well just not have any racials for Zandalari at this point. They were already useless before the first “tuning”.


Raiding and dungeon leader boards? You mean where only 3% of players are competing in?

I’ll never understand why people like you complain about things that don’t affect you / things you’re never going to do anyway.


Yup, but alliance players won’t stop crying until they get more free gear and every horde racial is nerfed to nothing. Yet won’t say a thing about all their broken racials. :roll_eyes:


So, you don’t have an answer? You don’t know?

Or you don’t want to say why because it hurts your position?

I think it’s because the answer is obvious, and hurts your position.

Horde racials have been, and are, broken.


Ahahahaha. Excuse you? We got ONE PIECE of heroic ilvl gear for AoO. Where is all of this other gear every tier that apparently I haven’t seen?


Dunno, I’ve played horde since vanilla. I’d say because the horde is just cooler in general. They have a land mass carved into their emblem for crying out loud.

What does the alliance have? A bunch of lame whiny races being led by Justin Beiber.

You can imagine whatever you want, though. You’re just another player complaining about things that don’t affect you pretending it does.


Oh look. An echo chamber.

“What about alliance raiders and mythic dungeon groups?”

Horde: [crickets]

But we won’t talk about our broken racials? Give me a break.

Double standard much?


Wrong. You got 7 pieces before the new raid tier and 2 pieces the first week of the new raid tier as well as a buff for 30% xp, honor, AP gains, and everything else under the sun. :rofl:

Dunno, guess you just started playing this raid tier? :man_shrugging: