Zandalari Still not Nerfed

Stone blood is defensive, the other is not. Imagine if orc and troll racial trinkets were defensive and not offensive? The alliance wouldn’t have cried until they got nerfed into the ground, either.

This is ironic coming from a forsaken. WotF made alliance warlocks nonviable in PvP for years.

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You and the other Horde posters are also forgetting the fact a Blue Poster outright told us the values on Regeneratin’ are not final and are being discussed.

Yet we’re probably 2 weeks away from release and it’s still at 100% with a 1.5 min CD with no changes whatsoever.


You mean like EMFH in PvE and Escape Artist just in general?

Defensive racials can be plenty useless.


Funny coming from a human warlock who had EMFH an even MORE broken racial that lasted even LONGER.

Yeah because there’s NO CC in PvE. :roll_eyes:

Wake me up when EMFH hard-counters an entire mechanic like AT did at Zul.


Alliance player’s ignoring facts? Never seen that before…


And like that, you’ve proven yourself not worth responding to.

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Again, ironic coming from a forsaken.

Yup, just keep ignoring facts and throwing in irrelevant responses.


The red background on your avatar did that from my perspective.


If they are going to nerf/change them, it will be after waiting a few weeks to get the folks that race change to spend money first. Just think of the children!

Sims where it’s all just patchwork fights. In real fights you need burst damage to kill things fast which the horde racials dominate.


Yeah, I’m not gonna bother replying to 'em anymore either. Ignores blatant facts proving their racials are broken, yet complains they want the opposite factions racials nerfed.

The hypocrisy is astounding, really.

It won’t get nerfed. Horde already have the best racials so why not add to it. Plus you forget, if it was Alliance who got an OP racial the horde would cry and it would have been nerfed already. So don’t expect any real nerf to it anytime soon. It is funny though when the Horde try and claim the Alliance have some of the best racials. It is always a good chuckle.


Prove it.

Tell me when they removed the follow-up immunity from WotF, because it was completely OP until they did that where the alliance was concerned.

Translation: “Nu uh!!!”


That’s not imbalance. That’s just skill.

I know because the horde told me. /s

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