You created MORE bots

This change only hurts actual players, botters will just make more accounts and keep profiting.


Anyone doing more than 30 instances a day is messing up the economy.


LOL! The botters are replying on the forums. Incredible


Doubt they will make more toons to sidestep lockouts, they will most likely find the next gold per hour thing and abuse it to the ground.

its how they are helping h o n g k o n g

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Not necessarily. Anyone who doesnt have a 60 dedicated for farming can easily do 30 instances in a day and make very little gold (i.e. warrior/rogue farming)

The change wont directly affect me in terms of how much i can farm. But will drastically increase the amount ill need to farm because arcane crystals are gonna skyrocket even further. Assuming that jump runs are something people do all day (im sure there are some people)

Here is the flaw in your argument from the perspective of someone who works and has a life and can easily meet this limit. Take Friday/Saturday as an example for me personally. I play a feral druid and rogue and swap between them for raids. I also have a mage i farm with occasionally. Friday night from say 10pm-Midnight farm pummelers for raid(on druid). (we’re at 10 lockouts already and i may not have enough pummelers). Saturday morning 8am-10am farm on my mage to get some gold for consumes for raid (now at 20 lockouts). Noon-2pm I often spend time in between leveling my warlock in dungeons with help from friends boosting or trying to get HoJ on my rogue (we’re already at 30 lockouts). This doesn’t include doing DM Tribute for both toons before raid (32). Or anything else i may happen to do along the way. Notice how i didn’t sit put for 6 straight hours on lockout with no life. My raids start at 6:30 and if i were to do this i couldn’t enter DM for tribute or join my guilds raid. I’d be completely locked out for about 8 hours. In my particular situation i’m playing totally legit but most of my play time is compacted into a smaller window


In all of your examples you’re farming lower level dungeons. Just farm 28 of them and then raid whatever you were going to do on saturday. The scenario you described should not be a daily occurrence.


How does this affect botting aside from them just making another character on a different realm to play for another 30 IDs? The only people that this change will affect are players. It’s not a good argument at all to say I should just level up/find friends and a guild on a new server or pay for another sub and relevel which is a huge time investment for me while a bot can do it with very little investment.

If you’re actually against botting you’d be against a solution that negatively impacts players while having very little effect on its intended target.

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So farm the pummlers before Friday? I don’t understand the issue here.


Now there is where you are wrong. While the actual amount of arcane crystals mined in the world might go down slightly, the buying power of gold will go up. The reason I said doing 30+ instances a day hurts the economy is because of the pure raw gold coin being produced. Dramatic outliers like that change the value of YOUR money.

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Its just the window of time i have available to play typically. Adjusting my schedule to accommodate this change isn’t something i’m going to do. I honestly don’t care that much and have other responsibilities throughout the week. I’m just highlighting my own personal schedule to show that it isn’t unreasonable for people to hit the cap with minimal effort.

Ok I get it possible but let’s not act like it’s ‘minimal effort’ that’s still a ton of time you are committing to just a video game, and not just a single part of a video game but just dungeons specifically, assuming you literally did NOTHING else and got ported everywhere.

Which ever way you’re looking at it, you have to be playing a TON to even approach this limit.


This simply isn’t true. The pummeler example is a good representation of this. i can reach the 5 lockouts in under 15 minutes farming pummelers. As a druid you just zone in the back entrance of gnomer, stealth by a couple packs and kill the boss. the entire run takes between 2-3 minutes. if i did this and nothing else i could reach the 30 instance cap with a /played under an hour and a half.

Once again, if you are planning your whole day around making sure you log in every hour on the hour to get in your lockouts, you are committing that whole day around wow. This isn’t something a normal person considers an ‘easily done’ task. This is taking a MAJOR part of your day in order to play a video game.

On top of that, you are getting a freaking weapon in order to push your dps from 200 to 250 wow such a great use of your time lol.

There’s no sympathy from me when it comes to this nonsense.

Lol these people trying to tell others how they should live their lives. Got some leftys in here. Look, some of us choose to spend all of our free time on video games, because that’s what we enjoy. You may not agree or understand it and that’s okay, everybody is ignorant to something.

30 instance limit hurts legitimite players while bots will just make more accounts and continue to profit

Imagine this guys life lol.

Seriously I generally don’t like bashing someone’s lifestyle because yeah you do whatever you want if it makes you happy that’s cool.

But for the love of god there is a line somewhere. And whenever these threads start that complain about a change that prevents you from literally wasting every day of your life on a video game, I can’t stand it. Ffs people, everything in moderation.


Beep boop. Now I must buy more accounts.

Every single one of your comments in this thread are completely braindead… this doesn’t only impact the people that according to you are “literally wasting every day of your life on a video game”, it also impacts the people who just have a lot of time on the weekends to play the game as they want to.

Who are you to tell someone that works for more than 40 hours during the week that them getting on and playing a video game for 10 hours on Saturday or Sunday is wasting their life? You just sound like a miserable old man telling other people how they should live their life on the online forums of a 15 year-old game… it’s pathetic and you should stop.


Here’s the thing, if you spend that much time in the game, whatever. If you are spending that whole time doing dungeons over and over again, whatever. What actual impact will this have on you personally though. Not that much. And that’s what I’m getting at.

When people start complaining about this stuff that they can’t keep their addiction ball rolling farming this stuff nonstop is when I’m going to start saying you need to chill.

Idc what you think my opinions are, if you don’t believe that these people pushing 12-18 hours a day (like a lot of people have been admitting to doing on here) DONT have a problem, then you are completely clueless.

Idc if this was a golfing forum and someone said they spent 18 hours a day playing golf. Or reading a book. Or whatever it is. If you are doin something to THAT extreme you have an addiction and a problem and you sound like a crack addict complaining that your dealer started regulating how much crack you get for the day.