You created MORE bots

Dude is arguing about lifestyles on the forum of the video game. You can’t be too far behind.

Scratch that addiction baby! Feed the monster! Wooo!


Blows my mind that people are sitting here telling others how to play a game they pay for.

Then again look at the state of America right now…


For real though close the window you are letting the light in, mind the fast food wrappers, we are collecting them.

How do you know when you’re at 28?

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This thread is just one giant hard cope. Lmao

Why is it some people think it is ok to try and dictate how someone else plays a game, or lives their life.

The simple facts are:

  1. Some real players choose to and do run more than 30 instances in a 24 hour period.

  2. This change will have little impact on botting as the botters will either run more accounts or swap to another realm and bot.

This change will impact real players more than it impacts botters and therefore does not seem to be a change that addresses the core problem. So why would anyone support a change that does not address the stated issue, but instead harms legitimate players more than the botters.

The real issues appears to be a case of you not personally liking what some players do in-game such as farming for pummerlers and you see this a way to punish them so you are supporting it, but you fail to realize that the change is not addressing the REAL problem, botter.


He’s a Dingus. I muted him a couple weeks ago. Not worth the time.

They can’t curb the amount of bots in the game as of today.
All they are doing is slowing them down.
Easy fix for the bots, create/hack more accounts and continue as normal.

Bam! Activision/Blizzard just made more money.

It would be one thing, if Blizzard said, “We do not want players spending 16 hours a day farming instances for mats or items. We therefore are placing a 30 instance limit on players so that they go out and enjoy life or do other things in-game”

But no, they are doing this change to eliminate botting or as they call it “exploitive and automated gameplay”. But some of us can already tell that this change will not have the intended impact to botting but will instead just change how the botters function by either creating more accounts to bot on, or botting on more realms.

What this change will do is directly impact real players, playing within the confines of the game’s rules in order to maintain a level of gameplay they enjoy. What Blizzard is doing here is telling the population of players who enjoy farming instances that you are no longer allowed to play the game in the manner you enjoy even though that manor of play is within the game’s rules.


That was the plan all along. Blizzard just wants that sub money.

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I agree that the hotfix doesn’t seem to do anything towards bots. Just seems like a jab to people who like to farm dungeons.

Rorshak I think your late to a protest or riot bud.

People in denial thinking this will do anything but create a wait time to log in or bring layers to the servers that don’t already have them.

They’re just going to create additional accounts. Enjoy the wait times.

False. They created more accounts. The # of active bots will decrease though as it becomes too costly for people to stay interested. People like you literally don’t know what you’re talking about. They made it way more costly to bot, this is a good thing. A low barrier to entry is why bots are a problem to begin with.


But if i dont have a “farm friendly class” like hunter, lock, mage now my gold income goes down because im going to lock myself out. So the value of my gold goes up but the amount that i can farm goes down…hence its a wash. Except High value items will go up like crystals since DM jump runs are going to be limited

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How, exactly? Making more accounts costs money. At some point, it won’t be worth farming these instances for the bot folks. I imagine the “30” came about after a fair amount of thought. It won’t affect the vast majority of the player base in any way.


It’s clear you don’t know what you’re talking about in the slightest

The idea is to force you to create another account for profit, so that instead of alts sucking up dungeon lockouts, you will have 2nd account and 3rd account.

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You earn about 1 wow token per hour of classic gold per ZG account. It is absolutely the correct decision for a botter to just make another character.

So wouldn’t that be a net neutral?

If the same botters were able to continue botting?

Did you even think this through before you posted?