Yes, WoW is pay to win

Real World Money = in game gold = Pay to win

Disassembling arguments…

1 - A. If you buy items from Auction house with gold you “earned in game” it is NOT pay to win.

1 - B. If you buy items from Auction House with gold you “bought with your credit card” it IS pay to win.

2 - A. If you buy a carry/win with gold you “earned in game” it is NOT pay to win.

2 - B. If you buy a carry/win with gold you “bought with your credit card” it IS pay to win.

You can’t justify being a Wallet Warrior.


If WoW was truly P2W it would mean anyone can become a world first raider just by spending insane amounts of capital.

That is false. Until that day happens - WoW is not a P2W.


Except all the “win” is player driven. It’s not like Blizzard is selling carries or any real gear in their store. It is all being done by the player base. So to be fair, the issue is with us and not really them.

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Also… no one has been able to explain how a carry constitutes a major in game advantage.

By its very definition it means other people have already completed the content and no longer need the gear.

I don’t understand how paying money to be the last one across the finish line can be considered pay to win.


that’s weird, the article forgot to mention how much real money they spent to buy all that gold


That is actually an interesting point of view.


Blizzard officially sells gold for cash which is used to transact in game, this is a soft endorsement of pay-to-win. You can buy carries, loot, whatever you want with enough cash.


A bad player with good gear is still a bad player, though. What exactly have they “won”?


It’s good to see some ideas never die.

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Well converted to todays token worth its about $38000.


a shocking number of people here believe one or both of the following things:

  • there’s no such thing as a “good” player – anyone with X ilvl can play at the highest levels of the game
  • if you get X ilvl you win the game

okay, so you’re saying they spent $38,000 of real money? i’d like to see your source


I just dont see p2w… I dont… sure you can pay to play… like we already do… but if I bought say 50 tokens sold them…what do I win? a few carries? okay… maybe some.boe gear that I’ll soon replace… or maybe the black market AH items that outher people actualy already have? like I just dont see it as pay to win. I bought 1 token once because I’ve never had that much gold hahaha but I never needed to to have fun on this game. just my opinion though


Wow is inherently not pay to win because you cannot win wow


And? If players didn’t sell runs there would be no “win” correct? And it’s not like this didn’t occur before the token existed. Hell I remember people selling raid slots in vanilla and ratings for weapons in BFA. All years before the token was even a glimmer in some accountant’s eye.


Albeit no one here cares/believes people when they talk about RL finances …

i could be a much,much bigger whale than most in this game if i made the decision to do it / got a divorce. With that being said i don’t believe for one minute i could join a top 100 guild after buying keys non stop all week and buying mythic clear spots each week on the week.

never will i ever have an amount of gold or even ilvl that just allows me to join method and start streaming.

maybe my idea of “winning” is different? i’m eager to see some non troll perspectives on this.

I’m saying they spent the equivalent $38K. We don’t know the source of their gold.


Nope. False. Please learn what actual P2W means. Thanks!

Quick question though. So you are saying EVERY mmo is P2W then right? Because EVERY mmo, people pay in-game currency for runs. Even your FFXIV has people doing the exact same thing.


so how does the fact that they spent “the equivalent” of $38K gold prove anything about p2w?

You do realize that mathematically proves my point?

Assuming a raid roaster of 20 people are the only ones paying for that… it comes down to approximately $1,838 per person.

Whales can spend substantially more than that per year in P2W games.
Yet we don’t see that with wow.

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