Years of practice doesn't change the fact

That was not an exploit either, that was clever use of a game mechanic that got hotfixed because it most likely never crossed blizzards mind that it would be used that way.

Pretty sure Rextroy didnt get in trouble for that, but it did get fixed.

And you don’t? Still waiting for what debuffs past 8 were required. I’m seeing 3 curses, sunder armor, hunters mark as the only mandatory ones. Or are you saying a couple Rends from some level 55s was the straw that broke the camels back? Maybe it was a moonfire.

You won’t find me crying any time soon cuz I’m not a beach

Content is under tuned.

The 1.12 Talent trees = higher dps/hps than what was required.

Multiple patches that also nerfed some raids:
Patch 1.5
Molten Core: Lava eruptions (lava splash) only occur while Ragnaros is in combat, but occur less frequently, do less damage, and the damage they inflict is now resistible.

The difficulty for the current raids and many dungeons, its clearly not what it was supposed to be in phase 1


Someone was kind enough to post patch notes for you, lol. How you feeling now? What’s your next nonsensical point?

Hyperlink where? I just see typed out text. Ooo let me try.

Patch 1.2

Added murloc playable race.

Denial is a hellavu drug

I mean you sure are denying me to a blue post from 2005 with patch notes in it.

Ya cuz nobody cares if you get it or not

well said. Actually seeing how trivial end game has become, I have no desire to rush to 60. Sadly all lower tier dungeons are also under tuned. I feel like I am playing a very different game then back in release.


Oh is it now? “Well known”. By whom? Those who believe their memories of a fifteen year old game are better than the hard data blizzard has? How laughable.

Anyone else notice that aggro radius seems to be very small? You can easily split any pack of mobs by just timing an arrow right and it comes single or with an add but the 3rd add right next to them doesnt aggro.

I remember having to sap, sheep and hunter trap any pull in SM or else youd aggro every mob, no doubt about it.

Wait, you did?

Classic is NOT about difficulty. It brings back the RPG to MMORPG that retail has been missing for years. If you want a hard game play something else. BFA mythic raiding is challenging I hear.

It’s literally posted in this thread, what is wrong with you people, this isn’t a debate.

MC was never hard, it just took over 150 days to clear…

Rubbish. Stuff and whiny nonsense.

Pretty much the opposite of whine my dood

Classic has any kind of balance?

No, trust me. Giant damn whine. Congratulations.