Xpoff in xpon bg's

Denial isn’t an argument so you’ve proven nothing besides your own incapacity to have an honest conversation.

Then I guess the same goes for you, doesn’t it? Try to post less hypocritical and redundant posts since you’re defeating your own argument every time. Saying an exploit to get into xp-on bgs with your xp off is being ‘blown out of proportion’ just means you’re almost surely someone that’s abusing it. :slight_smile:

So, you have argument so all you can do is call me a liar. Yea, you lost and now you’re just embarrassing yourself.


Following that logic all you’re doing is saying ‘you lost’ meaning by you own ‘win standards’ you lost. :\ By forum definitions, since you’re very clearly breaking a rule in regarding to a particular horde race I’ll keep pointing it out as such.

You’re just too easy.

hmm :thinking:https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/dalaran/magefrog Fae says not a problem, they did go unkilled an entire wsg…

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Insinuating I’m doing something I’m not technically falls under that category, since you are technically naming and shaming me fyi :black_flag:

Just sayin. The continued witchhunt you and others are doing is against the rules still. Since you feel the need to point out ‘rules’ to others. :slight_smile:


Checking your post history, you’ve included screenshots with players in BGs including Scoreboard shots without any censored names btw. Same for the people liking your posts. and technically, by doing so towards me you’ve broken that same rule.

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It appears that naming and shaming within a thread is acceptable. Creating threads, or using threads in order to highlight behaviors you don’t like is not acceptable, such as calling people exploiters who haven’t even spoken to you. Showing a BG screen isn’t calling someone a violator of the ToS.

Calling someone childish isn’t creating a thread with the express interest of shaming someone.

Maybe you should have a conversation with Blizzard and ask them about their rules instead of flooding their report system with useless reports.


A fact that is “proven” by nothing but walls of texts from ignorant players.


Says the person that twinks and abuses all the systems they can. :woman_shrugging:

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You could abuse the system for 5k gold. Would you like an outline?

I haven’t twinked since Cata, but thank you for proving my point!



Oh hey! Except we proved it to be minimum 18k, and that still doesn’t do anything about the other problems.

I’m to lazy to comb over my own history like you seem to have time for but I don’t recall ever linking a profile of a twink and speaking ill of them. I have mentioned players who I miss because they were absolute beasts though.
I’ve also told you to get gear on your druid. :slight_smile:

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I don’t have a druid, but it is quite amusing to have people go ‘no proof, no proof!’ and then say stuff with no proof. Talk about ignorant players El? You don’t seem to go after Las much.

Brought to you buy the person who called people twinks because they used gliders>lol< its funny tho XD


How bold from someone who wants to say I have spoken ill of people and has no proof. Did you delete your druid in shame after it got banned from the absurd posts on the general forum? The ones saying all horde are terrible people? That’s too bad druids are fun.