Xpoff in xpon bg's

Go outside


Someone was saying those guys are twinks in a bg i was in. I have no idea if they were and didn’t care enough to look their toon up. But, what a sad existence to have to exploit to get into xp on bgs lul.

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It’s just one of the many games that are going on right now. You have people who twink themselves out and say “I’m not a twink” and you have people who were beat by someone better and assumed that person was a twink.

I’m totally not a twink. This is just the gear I got leveling. I’ve done like 50 bgs and I cant hit 70 though, not sure whats going on.

Been LVL28 for Weeks.
Never used an Exploit and only turned off my EXP once to gear up.
Exp is a minor burden if you’re smart about it.

You fella’s are SERIOUSLY blowing this out of proportion.

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Read through the thread and get back to us because right now it just shows that you don’t know anything of what you’re talking about.

A ‘good player’ that likely is using that specific account to do exactly that like many do with ‘veteran’ accounts at 20. Sorry, nice try. Something you’re probably doing yourself. Also again, still causes problems; since your xp is off you should be stuck in the xp off queue. :slight_smile:

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In addition, the armory can update as soon as you log out. So people can change gear before logging out to make it look like they’re something they’re not or not something they are.

Those people crack me up. I see 110 twinks daily hiding their gear in a BG until they get to a fight, then swap to gear similar to mine.

If you feel shame, you shouldn’t be doing it.

This is how I feel each time I sneak an Oreo :frowning:

I just went from a 12 mile walking a day job to a desk job and the speed at which I’m getting fat is horrifying. I feel that.

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I’ve had a desk job for years. I’m not fat but I could lose about 20lbs. My thumbs are well conditioned >_>

I have read through this thread before I posted BECAUSE I know what I’m talking about.

I’ll stake my own personal experience against your 5th-hand account of what other people have experienced any day.

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After some conversations I’ve had with the person you’re speaking to, I wouldn’t plan on having a constructive discussions if I were you.


Clearly you didn’t, since I posted about my own evidence against people doing this. Nice try! @ Demon :black_flag:

Oh, I’m aware. I’ve read their stuff before.

Best of luck to you then!

Right on que, you prove Demon’s statement.

My evidence > their evidence apparently

Nope, I proved mine; and technically neither of you can have conversations since you don’t read any of the posts or evidence.