Xpoff in xpon bg's

Why has nothing been done to fix this exploit, if you say its not there, it is?
Just had two lvl 29s from Bleedinghollow in a leveling bg and the levelers couldnt understand why they were dying so fast. Apparently these victims lol are new people and I think thats the point, we want new people. This one particular Twink had epics and the 1000 year old pickled egg, you cant tell me hes leveling past 29.

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He’s leveling at his own pace obv


If there’s not even a shadow of a doubt that they’re exploiting, report them.

From what you’ve described though, it’s entirely possible you’re just seeing twinks being recycled.


Im sorry my post was so abstruce, I am certain they are xpoff twinks. Yes Ive seen the two mentioned in the thread many times and there are more of them I hesitate to name. Im just curious why nothing has been done?

With all of these posts over the past few weeks, you could have been developing a helpful correspondence with some people who can actually help your issues at hand, Blizzard.

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Unfornutaly there isn’t much I can do but as an officer of my guild of 700 strong is to make sure guildies don’t use this exploit

They removed xp off from Bgs. Probably just seeing some OP classes with decent gear leveling through.


Wouldnt that be nice? Im sorry to report its incorrect though, these twinks are well known in the twink community.

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Maybe you wanted this to get on the forums?
New players are being victimized, once again?


This is clearly an unintended mechanic of the game. Enabling to bypass a limitation.
This is clearly an exploit, and according to the ToS of WoW, you have to report it …


The more people know that, the best chances Blizzard see it and patch it …
There was already a video done on it, a post on the official forums about that exploit.

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Oh are they? So why not report it?

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If you’re serious about reporting it;



Yes, to date reporting has been our only recourse. Again, I was curious why its taking so long for something to actually be done about it? Reporting/hacks@blizz doesn’t seem to be working :confused: Oh well, cant say we haven’t tried.

You won’t know if action is taken against an account.

True, but how about just fixing the means, take away the temptation?

May not be a simple fix.

What do you mean by this?

I am sure you can work out what that means.


Unfortunately, when an exploit is being ignored by Blizzard, the fastest way to get it fixed is to make the method public. When it’s out in public for all to see, it becomes impossible for Blizzard to deny its existence. Then they have to fix it since it gets reposted every so much that everyone knows all about it.

How do you think people got the XP potion exploit fixed? They posted it everywhere. It became public knowledge. Even streamers performed the exploit on stream for all their viewers to see. Then all those people with poor self control gave in to temptation, performed the exploit, and Blizzard was forced to fix it since it was impossible to deny its existence.

If you ever find out how exactly Xp-off twinks are getting into Xp-on bg’s, it would be a real shame if you accidentally let that information end up on every wow-related forum you know of.


This problem happened once before and they fixed it. I’d assume they’ll just implement the same fix again…?