Wyrmrest Name Archive Redux

Hello all,

Since Cannibal’s unfortunate departure from Warcraft, the original Wyrmrest Name Archive forums are largely defunct. While I can’t say I have the diligence or patience to recreate Cannibal’s glorious formatting, I thought it would be a shame to let the thread’s essence waste away. So! A fresh start with Cannibal’s previous introduction to the original thread(s):

Looking for a name? Have some names reserved that you’re willing to part with?
List whatever names you’re willing to part with, or looking for, and hope whoever has it / needs it will reach out! Be sure to include contact information. Discussion regarding how to attain the name from the player should be kept in-game and not discussed on the forums. :slight_smile:

While I can’t reserve future spots the same way as the old forums, I’ll try my best to keep a semi-updated post with current names requested and held.


I’ve got:
“Toxia”, and
“Underhand” on WRA.

Looking for:
-“Skulk”, who’s my main character’s name on Moon Guard…
-“Miasma” / poisonous-sounding/referencing names.


I don’t have any names that are worth anything to give, but I am looking for a name!

‘Thoranis,’ it’s currently held by an inactive LVL 99 Demon Hunter, and I’ve wanted this name for a while, as it’s the IC last name of my Pally.


I have been and am still looking for the name “Terran” would be willing to pay gold for it or something.

I’m not sure which one of you heathens took the name “Kaijiang”, but it’s all which prevents me from making an Alliance replica of this fellow here. Give it to me!

… Oh, and maybe I have some high-value names to offer in turn.

Edit: Also seeking the name Yuzhou!

I’m looking for the name Colt. Right now it’s inactive, according to the armory. I would be willing to pay gold for it!

Editing to add names I’ve got:

When Kul Tirans are released I plan to make a druid, but unfortunately both “Melody” and “Rosenthal” appear to be taken. I’ve already got a fine alternative name in reserve, but if anyone currently has either of those two names above and would be willing to strike a trade of some kind (or simple charity) please reply here or send me mail ingame!

I currently have the following names saved that I’d be willing to give away to good homes:

  • Eleana
  • Justenath
  • Aristotle
  • Socrates

I am still seeking the name


I’ll be seeking it until the day the server shuts off, so please reach out if you have it!

Looking for the name Liv, I have some names to trade as well


My btag is Highvale#11833

Still looking for “Ironstout” and “Alberich”. Willing to trade names or pay in gold!

Btag is Ironstout#11978

Just a brief update for easy reading:


  • Alberich (Bathildis)
  • Colt (Coltrane)
  • Ironstout (Bathildis)
  • Kaijiang (Kai)
  • Miasma (Miasmic)
  • Skulk (Miasmic)
  • Terran (Taran)
  • Thoranis (Crôwlêy)
  • Vindicator (Falconfury)


  • Adler (Coltrane)
  • Adryan (Coltrane)
  • Aristotle (Shaureyne)
  • Brigida (Lîv)
  • Bryonna (Coltrane)
  • Callum (Coltrane)
  • Cedar (Coltrane)
  • Celise (Selowen)
  • Cryptsong (Lîv)
  • Duskrune (Miasmic)
  • Eleana (Shaureyne)
  • Elga (Lîv)
  • Elsy (Coltrane)
  • Ferali (Selowen)
  • Frigga (Selowen)
  • Gana (Selowen)
  • Jakob (Coltrane)
  • Justenath (Shaureyne)
  • Lyleth (Lîv)
  • Nymphea (Lîv)
  • Pierre (Selowen)
  • Prosper (Coltrane)
  • Russell (Selowen)
  • Shakira (Selowen)
  • Socrates (Shaureyne)
  • Solaine (Coltrane)
  • Stiletto (Lîv)
  • Toxia (Miasmic)
  • Underhand (Miasmic)

When I wake back up, I’ll be sure and offer a list of interesting name I have for trade. Thanks for making this post!

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Did some minor editing of my posts! There are still plenty of names available, and I want to remind everyone that they’re welcome to ask for specific names as well!

I’m looking for Lillix. It was a mains name for a while but I deleted her, and now I can’t get her back. I miss her. :pensive:

I’m looking for Cowmoo. I can offer my love and maybe some gold in return.

Now that Kul Tirans are playable and I’ve instated the use of my alternative name choice, I no longer have need for “Melody” or “Rosenthal”. :grin:

I have Glaistig and Hulder, which would be fantastic names for Kul’Tiran druids. I’m not really looking for any new names myself, but figured I’d offer!

I’m looking for the name Shaena if anyone has it.

Btag is Shaena#1508


Decided to offer up the name Russell to any interested individuals. I’d really love to be able to trade it for a feminine name like Isabelle or something!

I would enjoy the name Russell, if possible. I’m not really sure how this trading process works though - since my characters with names are all 120, don’t the previous names get locked for around 90 days?