WTB - Beta Invites


Yes the beta is dead but it’s so much fun still…just being on there. But yeah launch is soon so don’t worry :slight_smile:


Does anybody think that maybe they’re using this “quiet time” to fix things / get stuff done?

(Ristra) #28

I streamed the first one and got a few followers. Turned into some Goldshire level chat.

I’m scarred for life. Thus my streaming career has ended

(Nakadashi) #29

Beta me up.

(Padrepwn) #30

Don’t worry we like you mom! Well. Some of us do. Lol.
Will you port pfUI over for me? I’ll clean the garage. Again. :slight_smile:

(Padrepwn) #31

Shhhh. Don’t be bringing up possible logical conclusions. Let the sky is falling prophets keep talking.
I mean just because this small team of classic devs seem to not only be listening. It seems like they are tesing in segments. Seems to me they have tight controls on the testing for a reason.
Plus adding new testers will add more “not bugs but game features” to this list.


Totally forum mother :slight_smile:

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Even the nightelf avatar looks like a mom updo. Lol.
Unless my eyes are just that bad now.


Nah, for realz. Using different avatar i’ve called her “Forum mom”. I think it might get a bit under her skin… or maybe it was just the timing…

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I have been for a short while as well. I seen someone else say it. Maybe you? It fits. Mom has my vote for classic mvp.


I stopped BGing for a week (farmed up my mount money, got full enchants) and I come back to zero BG’s popping :<


Erp… you got ERP’d.


le sigh

(Joykiller) #40

Well I’m the weird forum uncle that you have next to no contact with.


And only with a mandated chaperone provided by the probation officer.

(Joykiller) #42

^^^^^^ We’ve got a winner.


Your name makes a lot more sense… I guess Innocencekiller was too long.

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(Rözen) #45

The beta is for testing not for playing in the typical sense. I wouldn’t need other people to play with to go out and try to find bugs.

(Gobbyjr) #46

well, the stress test was highly enjoyable and it only lasted 2 days, some people even payed simply to play those 2 days