WTB - Beta Invites

Like title says, beta is more of a ghost town. Send more invites out, bump if you agree.

Ps I’m a streamer :wink:


I’m a Classic addon developer, but apparently they don’t like me. :stuck_out_tongue:

why would you even want to get in the beta at this point? Classic is like 50 days away and there’s nobody on the beta to play with just like you said.

I need time in game to test my addon and finish Paladin buff development, as well as pots and flasks.


Because beta is not early access? Features and content are not being tested with beta being a ghost town. I’d test beta for the next 57 days if it meant a better playing experience at launch.

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If you make addons, i’d say you deserve it more than the average person and I can see why you’d want to get it. But they still can’t add every single add-on developer to the beta even though they should probably.


TBH you and other people who beg for beta access on the forums 24/7 sound like you’re treating it like early access. I’m sure blizzard can count on their 10k other people in the beta to test core game features, plus their internal testing.

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If Blizzard gives me beta, I promise to stream it to my couple of friends that would watch it.

I also promise to learn LUA scripting for add-on development.

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they should ban every addon developer imo

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sounds like something blizzard would do

I streamed the Stress Test! I got 1 EU follower :rofl:


The number of people who think there weren’t prolific addons in beta is shocking.


They should invite us Sabetha…then our total of like 4 friends could watch both of our streams…free advertising blizz!!! betainvite pl0x

(j/k nobody watches my streams)

I can offer 2 Americans and maybe 1 Canadian.

I don’t beg for beta access, have never once asked for an invite on these forums, but your arrogant self simply assumes, and wouldn’t invest time in it if there was no testing to be done. No point in just playing something that’s going to be wiped in 2 months. TBH, people like you shouldn’t be allowed to post if you’re just going to attack anyone who responds to you for no reason.

If they had more than 2k people on I would agree but considering the week after the stress test they hit 1.5k concurrently max all weekend between the two realms… I’m gonna day blizz May need more people testing.

Then again they may not be able to keep up with reports as is. Dunno I’m not a blizzard employee.

TBH people that spam the forums for beta access (or implying that they deserve it) shouldn’t be able to post. They’re all very entitled and repetitive.

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Kurwen, you got a good point. I’m curious how many actual devs they have working on tickets and what the work load or reported bugs is actually like per dev.

I imagine it’ll also be time soon to increase the level cap again, at which point there will be a surge of players again for a time.

Think beyond the incessent need for more people. Has Blizzard ever addded more people to betas in the past? I honestly am not familiar with their invites process, but I would assume they keep it small and rarely have large invite waves. I could be wrong, though… Anyone with previous experience with WoW betas can interject with some raw data that I just don’t have.