Wrongful ban

I’ve been playing tbc classic for around 3 weeks got my boosted toon from 58-70 in around 7 days 4 days played while leveling fishing herbing mining engineering I had around 1500g saved from classic spent it all on my new druid been grinding since then to get him geared up and been trying to save for epic flying… Welllllll i was getting ready for raid time had all my consumes ready to go kill gruul and mag so I went fishing up some pure water in Nagrand and I fished up around 6 pools and seen some clouds that I couldn’t gather because the multi-dollar company that owns this game doesn’t seem to fix anything then I get kicked out of the game saying my account has been suspended right before raid keep in mind I’ve never botted closest I’ve come to botting was watching parody videos of it only because blizzard doesn’t ban bots instead they ban real players who aren’t no-clipping walls in dungeons and flying to all the herbs mines and chest in dungeons instead they ban players who play pretty much daily flipping the ah and trade chat while gathering in my free time. Please get this some traction to help one of the few real players left to be able to play again.


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The only way to apeal this is via tickets nothing will be done via forums those that handle them dont come here to see you plead your case.


Heres how to apeal ur ban/suspenion


Welcome to the CS forum, where the blues watches this forums the most and frown upon folks coming here picking fights.


I have put on in they haven’t opened it yet

As a reminder, the Customer Support forum is not an alternative contact point for In-Game, Technical or Account Support. To request assistance, please contact our customer support staff directly through our Support Site .

Its highly unlikely ull get a answer tonite for you to raid.

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Do you mean this one?

Because that was not a wrongful ban, that was explaining the op was given 2 penalties for the price of one.

Most of the posts usually get locked, because unfortunately posting about suspensions is usually not allowed, though seeking help on how to appeal one is. Filing a web ticket is truly the only way to appeal.


They do ban plenty of bots, you just don’t think they do as you’re repeating the old rhetoric that irritated people like to throw out. They ban umpteen bots every chance they get, but it is never instantaneous, and it takes time to research and ideally break a bot before action is taken. That, and what people like to think are bots, are not always necessarily bots, but multi-boxers playing by the rules laid out by Blizz. So, let’s take that argument out of the equation, shall we?

Whatever you were doing immediately before the game kicked you out is almost never why you were banned. Investigations take days, weeks, even sometimes months before action is taken. So fishing up something or trying to collect motes was less than likely what got you suspended.

And then again, this forum is one for players to assist other players. The only way to properly appeal a ban is through tickets. There are NO Gms here. Our SFAs have absolutely nothing to do with the process. They may or may not pop in to offer advice, or sometimes bring down glorious retribution to people who like to scream foolishness to set the record straight when need be. They do not intercede to help ‘boost’ requests, but sometimes they may see something they may offer some advice in how to proceed differently - to the player.

OP, you’re just going to have to wait on your appeal. And please note, that you are allowed to appeal again and again until they tell you no more appeals may be heard. I would also like to clarify that you likely will not get any specifics as to why you were sanctioned, outside of maybe ‘botting’, ‘economy’ issues, or the like. It’s not that they’re holding it back to spite you, it’s to prevent legitimate bots from getting more information to work around the system. Unfortunately, that often leaves us as players with the short end of the stick, but that is why we cannot have nice things.


OP sure does know the reason as they were emailed the reason for the ban and directions on how to appeal it should they feel the ban was in error.

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Ok guys seriously we need to stop this bickering back and forth is pointless i gave the correct apeal process in post 8 this has gone on long enough.


The Op needs to put in their appeal and wait for a reply!

Nothing else can be done for them and nothing can be done over the forums.

All this bickering and making wild assumptions on the forums needs to stop. If you want drama facebook is that way.


Read your email. While it doesn’t give exact reasons, it does give you an idea. You’ll never know exactly what they saw, found or know.

Bot’s have real players behind them. So when you say they ban real player’s, you’re correct. They also ban the real player’s bots as well.

And?? Yes they do ban them. I have proof in 2 in game mailboxes. Thanks from Blizzard
for turning in bots. I still have them too. (Clarifying here: I still have the messages from Blizzard, not bots)

They also admit mistakes. But you need to appeal and this is not the place to do it.
The CS people do give some insight at times what happened without going into detail.


Not the purpose of the forums.

You will never be told the exact reason for the account action, as this is information some players would love to have in order to try to skirt the rules.

The cause of the account action could have happened well before the ban/suspension happened too.

Interestingly, you’re both asking for help and bagging out the very people you’re asking for help from. Not sure why, but you’re grossly mistaken if you don’t think they ban bots. They do. Constantly.


If you notice your post has been removed from this topic, it is because I cleared out a lot of the unnecessary arguing and speculation. The OP has a ticket open, but I will be providing a general response to cover questions that generally come up from these types of threads - in case anyone finds this through search in the future.

The fact is we ban purely exploitive accounts for botting regularly. We also ban and suspend players who we find to be cheating. The purely exploitive accounts that use bots don’t make forum threads though, so you’ll never see them here. Players that use botting software often do make threads, and so it can seem like one group is more heavily actioned than the other which is not the case at all.

That being said, we do not review account actions over the forums, and we will not be able to provide any additional information than what was already communicated via the email notifying you of the suspension.

If you believe your account has been actioned incorrectly, you can file an appeal through our support site and the Game Master team will review it.


However, keep in mind that they will also not be able to provide you any specific details regarding what/when/how your account was identified. This information would be extremely useful to bot developers looking to avoid getting caught. Because of this, those details are never disclosed.