Why will you not appeal my ban?

Are you reading Orlyia’s replies?

You have a ticket in. Just leave that in and a GM will take a look at what happened. It sounds pretty likely that the second account action will be overturned.


Yes I was reading. I have been trying to get through for over 3 hours now. I’m going to play the waiting game now though.

You mean you’ve been waiting on your ticket for 3 hours now? Tickets can sometimes take closer to 24 hours. Appeals are handled separately, so it hopefully won’t take that long.


Yeah I put my appeal in over 3 hours ago. Just trying to get an answer.

It is unfortunate that it’s happened, but they will fix what was done wrongly. Orlyia has told you to essentially sit back and chill. You’ve done all that you can and all that you need to do with having the appeal in place.

It can take up to 24 hours or so. There is no way to rush this, your ticket will be answered in the order that it was received. Please, just have patience and a bit of hope. They will get to you and get things looked over. There was a fellow just last night here with the same odd re-suspension and he got fixed. You just have to wait for the process to work.


You and everyone else in the world that assumes the worst.


Does not belong here. This isn’t GD, and your supposition isn’t constructive.


No, I’ve just been reading these forums for a while and a common thread is someone claiming a wrong suspension, a blue digs in, and it turns out the OP neglected to mention a little detail that completely changes the picture.

Perhaps I’m wrong … although some of Orlyia’s replies suggest I’m not.

Good luck.

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If you’ve been reading these forums for a while, then you’d also know that in the CS forums, non-constructive posts are very much frowned upon.

Comments like “I have my doubts” really aren’t needed and can be considered trolling.


No. It’s a forum for people to help one another. It is not a discussion forum. You want to discuss things, find the appropriate forum. Coming here to sling mud on the most heavily moderated forum is an exercise in futility and the quickest way to a forum vacation.


… okay.

Then report my posts.

It’s clear though that you’re not here to be constructive or helpful though.


Not in this case. The blue’s digging suggests the 2nd suspension was in error.


Indeed - it does appear that a recent action - which was intended, had a component of a second suspension - which was not.


Then I’m not so sure you’ve read them.


I’m glad I was wrong.

Doesn’t change my skepticism of ‘blizz I got unjustly banned’ posts.

I hope that’s not too negative for y’all. :roll_eyes:

This time, as I said earlier, I knew I was wrong the first time and I wasn’t lying this time. I hope I restored a little bit of your faith in humanity.


In my opinion, it’s best not to respond to them for whatever reason. Most of the time it’s to troll.

Just wait for your ticket and hope for the best. Good Luck! :+1:


Just try to remember this forum is supposed to be a resource… we want to ensure the information and discussion here is high quality, and excuse ourselves when we can’t make that promise. :slight_smile: