Wrath of the Lich King Classic Hotfixes - Updated January 9

Huge numbers of players are literally stuck with a bricked phase of org and UC with no NPCs cause the Battle for Undercity quest is so monumentally bugged as to be a literal trap for players. How is it possible such a bug was allowed to go live?


because there more focus on fixing things they think is a prob. not the real problems

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Battle for Undercity horde side in a literal clown fiesta state, Org+UC perma phased and completely unusable, Brewfest dailies+tokens phased. How does something so utterly broken make it to live servers and then still not rectified, how long do players need to have their capital city unavailable?


Glad to see you’re fixing Battle for the Undercity for the Alliance… what about Horde? We better get some compensation for missing out on Brewfest dailies. Such BS…

ah yes, I hope that with this change you never open transfers from old realms to the fresh ones! Unless you’d like to kill the fresh server economy entirely! which I’m sure you do

SEPTEMBER 28, 2022

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Northrend Adventuring Supplies now have a chance to award ore, leather, cloth, herbs, and gems. Reduced the number of consumables awarded from the supplies.
    • Developers’ note: We received feedback that the bonus rewards for quests were too frequent, too lucrative, and too targeted at consumables produced by Alchemists, and are making changes to reduce the quantity and increase the diversity of items awarded by these bags. There is still a chance to drop consumables, but also a chance to drop ore, leather, cloth, herbs, or gems.
  • Utgarde Keep
    • The door that closes when starting the Skarvald the Constructor and Dalronn the Controller encounter will properly open again once they are defeated.

You guys do realise that below 80 if where this is badly needed along with LFD, there is just not enough people to run these so people are missing out on all the low level dungeons etc, please for the love of everything good, fix this!

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great change. Felt pretty bad being an alch and knowing flasks drop…

Can we ask the real question, why have you added these bonus rewards for quests full stop? They weren’t required at all.

I recall getting maybe a handful of them in original LK

Typhoon? Having to log out and back in every 8-10 minutes because my client is broken is not fun.

Bag changes are good.

Where’s the Dalaran Engineering Auctionhouse mech? He was here earlier today and gone now.


Blizzad devs, we need an urgent fix for the quest NPCs not having any dialogue or gesture in BfA, Shadowlands and older expansions. It’s been a month and half since the bug was introduced and we still have no fix. Retail is in desperate need of some attention and the general feeling is that too much development is being dedicated to classic at the expense of retail. Bug is significant and it is affecting a LOT of players as you can see in those threads below:

still no update on the engi AH in dala?

To encourage questing, which is good. In OG Wrath the bonus rewards dropped from RDF. So many people dungeon spam so it was a great choice to encourage people to quest.

Just had an issue with purchasing Dual Talent, 1k gold gone from bag, but the trainer still shows asking if I want to learn about dual talent.

Here is an idea

Instead of making the drops random make it be based off player professions.

So lets say you are a miner herbalist.
You can get 2 rolls (1 per profession)
A roll of 1-3 ore for mining
1-3 roll for herbs

So if a person is mining engineering they can get 2 rolls on the ore for 2-6 ore.

Now make them level/zone appropriate so as an example if i get a box from borean tundra the ore will be cobalt. If you get a box from storm peaks it will have saronite ore. Heroics would offer a mix but have a higher chance for saronite ore.

Any hotfix to allow mailing bind on account items to toons on our battle.net accounts with multiple subs???

As one of the people stuck in The Battle for Undercity phasing please fix it.

so your fix is to help ruin the economy by giving away ah items like ore, leather, cloth, herbs and gems… what the absolute hell are you thinking? do you employ real life gold sellers cause thats sure what it sounds like at this point. Do you even bother to play your own game? and what feedback are you getting? you obviously arent listening to your forums because if you were RDF would be back.


No. Eliminate the loot boxes entirely. Make people earn their upkeep as in original wrath.

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