Wrath Classic: The Joyous Journeys 50% Experience Buff Returns

I hope your life gets better.

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Ty xx

I already covered your kind of ridiculous reasoning in the post.

Joyous Journey is a fix to a problem that should just remain. If it doesn’t then it simply illustrates Blizzard doesn’t care or want us to have a smooth leveling experience. They prefer we take a long time. Very selfish.

Exactly!!! Only when JJ is out is when Im able to find a group for anything under 60.

Just leave it on. Stop slowing us down by removing it.


I’m going to miss leveling alts when this ends!


Mid summer starts tuesday spin on a pole get a xp buff for 2 more weeks

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does anyone know what time this ends? 11:59 Monday night?

Probably maintenance on tuesday morning. Thought the post said through june 19th.

Can you guys extend this buff please, just started my vacation


I really wish you guys at Blizzard would do one of two things, or both;

  • make joyous journeys permanent. Sell it in the store by account, and/or sell full ‘rested’ in the shop.

  • Undo the inane changes you made to XP to counter/abolish ‘boosting’. I never paid for boosting, I have two accounts so I ‘boosted’ my own characters to a point where I could stomach leveling normally. Leveling sucks hard once you’ve done it say, 10 times. I don’t want to BUY a level 80, I want to level faster.

Another reason to undo the XP changes is that it PUNISHES people for grouping up together. If I have a level 40 toon and get say, 400 xp per kill, then group up with my son to play on his level 40, all of the sudden my xp drops to 180 per kill or less. WTF?

YOU guys said you wanted to help build a community. You do that by encouraging people to solo the entire game because the more you group up the less XP you get?

Typical California thinking.

Please undo the really badly thought out XP changes. It hardly matters if people DO boost anyway, you’re SELLING GOLD YOURSELVES!!! Just undo that junk and give us the option to buy rested and/or a permanent joyous journeys.



imagine ending jj right when summer break starts lol.


Please extend JJ for the summer!


Mid summer starts tomorrow. Spin on a pole get a xp buff. I would say they ended it perfectly over av weekend and at mid summer fest start.

That gives the lazy 6 weeks of some kind of xp buff.

Just leave it on, you clowns.


And that’s in addition to the already 20% XP buff from heirloom armor & shoulders.

25% if you’re a chad ^^


This should be a permanent fixture in wotlk - it just makes the leveling experience feel so much better.


And it’s gone

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You realize that if you park all your alts at an Inn that eventually they will all have max rested (200% kill exp for 2 lvs) right? So you have 2 lv 80’s and 8 alts that aren’t. So you play thru all your non-80 alts to use up the “rested” - three or 4 hours each (includes questing) and then back to raiding or whatever you do on your 80’s.
I went from lv 40 to lv 52 on my prot pala playing yesterday and today. And only 1 dungeon run, ZF for quests.

Edit: 2 dungeon runs - Scarlet Cath, to finish the scarlet path series