Wrath Classic: The Joyous Journeys 50% Experience Buff Returns

Wrath Classic: The Joyous Journeys 50% Experience Buff Returns

The roads in Northrend are icy and fraught with danger. To help you prepare for the Call of the Crusade content update, players will get the benefit of the Joyous Journeys experience buff, which will increase experience gains by 50% for all players through level 80!

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I’d like to see this in retail also!


Yeah what Orctang said. He is wise.


Ain’t the token coming or already is in wrath? Good job blizz.

give us the one thing we asked for, RDF, instead of hotfixing things in like the WoW Token


Retail gets a 50% xp and rep buff on thurs

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Can you guys just leave the exp boost on permanently. Nobody is leveling without it.


Where is the Random Dungeon Finder?


How do you know that? Where’s the info?

This is where everyone’s backlash should be going, not the token thread.

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This will go great with the WoW token. Now just bring back low level mage boosting!

In before Misanthra.


I’d almost wager retail sees this for 10.1.5 to foster a massive welcoming party for class openings and the AR’s full open no quests locks (if you have level 40 anyway).

Not gonna lie…I’d like it to finally get those sexy KT druid forms I jsut could not get to running that crap quest string for the KT race.

And the draenei locks. Fel powered waggle? Not a bad thing there maybe.

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You got a link for this friend?

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Though it may be a bit wrong, there’s another event on the 16th that also references it, so maybe the xp isn’t until june 15th, which would be silly.


Thanks friend!


do we know if this is permanent cause ill just quit when it ends like last time?

“Your account is unable to post or reply until Feb 26, 2022 3:24 am.”
Can also remove that from my account maybe?

The Joyous Journey’s experience buff will be available from May 23 through June 19, 2023.

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it’s a bug thats never been fixed