Wrath Classic: The Joyous Journeys 50% Experience Buff Returns

damn, atleast its exactly a month.

was able to use my gold for game time with the new tokens so i gave blizzard no cash.

Just quit now. It ends at toc launch.

Trying to mask and hope this will gain more attention than the wow token implemented. PS it didn’t.

seems this is not happening my friend

Yea, they moved it to the 16th, don’t know why it can’t all come at once. Guess they don’t want that much overlap, but now I can’t even make use of it lol, I’ll be in sanctuary.



To save us from reading your i quit because joyous journeys was removed post in a month. We understand you cant play a game without a crutch best to move on to a game that is a little easier than wrath classic.

Suggestion: any classes you want 80, get them to 80 within the next few weeks. By then we’ll be 9 months and 3 sets of JJ buffs into wrath (since prepatch). If you still have classes you want at 80 after this then it obviously isn’t that important to you.
If level 80 is all you’re after, go get it.
If level 80 isn’t important to you, then levelling speed isn’t important either.

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I made it to 73 on another alt. Just too drab still. It was fun while it lasted.

I love 50% more XP
Dont take it out


Defeats the whole point of classic. I’ll be turning it off.

Wotlk is too easy that’s why we wanna skip it.

Definitely gonna level a second char before this runs out

My only issue is that they don’t do it more.

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ngl i played like 2 hrs and logged since this lol

Why is this temporary? No one wants to be forced to level slowly with all the other things going on in life. If they want to level slow they can remove the 50% buff. Let the rest of us have an easygoing leveling experience.
Many of us have taken time off work, struggled with life / wow balance all because of a temporary buff that can be left as the new standard speed of leveling instead of taking it away.
The oversight of this side effect worries me and many others. What does Blizzard have against leveling at a comfortable pace?
There is no negative downside to letting people level faster if it’s already implemented. The only reason why Blizzard would remove this buff is because they want us to take longer to achieve the basic hump of leveling even though the real grind starts at 80.
I don’t see myself moving towards CATA Classic without a 50% exp buff from 1-85.
Stop slowing us down. We have jobs now and family. Don’t be inconsiderate.
Joyous Journey buff is not a favor. It’s been owed for a long time now. Think of the players, not your pockets.


It shouldn’t go away.

You mean at the regular pace?

JJ is a bonus. Deal with it. Use it while you can.


You’re the most anti-fun person I’ve ever seen on the forums

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