Wrath Classic: For a Limited Time Get Up to 30% Off on Paid Faction Changes

its based off experience of playing classic since 2019 and seeing how demographics have evolved through ironforge.pro - this is a money play evident based on the fact they want to charge almost a hundred dollars to do something that cost them nothing its an automated service and then to not give info on race change leaving it unclear so that people will buy now and buy again later

How many dummies would they realistically get to transfer to the DEAD side of their server?

For example, let’s say I play alliance on benediction, I bought the faction change and now I’m horde on Bene. Why would I ever do that? If I went horde on Benediction it was solely be to either 1- Have all wpvp I could ever want or 2- I ALREADY HAD pre-existing plans to transfer said character to a horde server. It wasn’t like it was a forced situation that I was put into. And considering any server with any sort of population is locked to transfers, no one is gonna spend money on uncertainty.

exactly… they did this KNOWING FULL AND WELL realm balance doesnt exist - knowing transfers would come right after

The support article says the limit for levels 50-80 is 25000g but when trying to faction change a Level 70 with ~5600g I am getting “You have exceeded the gold limit for faction transfer”.

FYI… Blizzard previously said faction change would come first followed by race change. Race change is actually a more complicated feature.

Topic is at 1:04:11 (maybe I will link the time stamp directly).

bro lmao its a 15+ year old game theyve had plenty of time to figure it out… it was done back then but allegedly its harder now than faction change is? because the guy who made it doesnt work there anymore? from a company valued at HOW MUCH MONEY? tighten up

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Y’know, we’re running WotLK Classic on the retail platform. You can’t use the dated code from 15 years ago. They probably have to use the retail code and make several adjustments to make it work for our Classic characters.

“15 years to figure it out”. Yeah, as if they were updating the code 15 years ago to make it work on WotLK Classic. LOL. Tell me you know jack about coding without telling me you know jack about coding.

The whole backend is the retail platform which to me seems like it shouldn’t be a problem.

Can you also explain this

How is faction change, which literally also changes your race, less complicated than just actually changing your race?

Now would be a good time to unlock the servers so people can xfer to play with their friends since that’s the whole point of doing a faction change since servers are completely unbalanced.

Yall just had to pay out a 35 million dollar settlement, so it’s time to get those funds back, i see what youre doing.

You’re going draenei female I know it.

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Useless addition without unlocking servers. If you want people to swap to dead faction then offer free faction changes. Nobody in their right mind would pay to be stuck on the dead side…this isn’t rocket science…free money on the table and making a lot of players frustrated for 0 reason

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Its 90 days now :wink:

This is indeed strange. You can faction change, then faction change back (yes, with a cooldown) and effectively accomplish a race change. So why can’t you just race change?

A faction change IS a race change - they’re intertwined in it. It doesn’t mean doing two faction changes.

In the video I linked, the dev basically said that there was not as much usable code for race change.

You guys can yell at the clouds if you want about this but that’s what they said a couple of months ago.

…Faction Change incorporates Race Change.

Hey, if you guys want to argue out of ignorance without understanding the actual code changes and thinking the Bliz dev was lying a couple of months ago, knock yourselves out rofl.

Can you honestly say that Race Change is not part of a Faction Change?

Obviously. Which again raises the question why can you race change to a race on the other faction, but not your own. Except you can change to another race on your faction…by doing two faction changes.