Wrath Classic: For a Limited Time Get Up to 30% Off on Paid Faction Changes

When you gonna unlock servers to be xfered into?


Somebody’s boss must have told them it’s time to actually generate some revenue in WOTLK Classic. They gonna get fired soon anyway if they don’t cut it with these 1 time purchases and 30 day cooldown silliness.

Shouldn’t this be in the wow classic general discussion?

Now open up Firemaw and Gehennas for transfers and we’re talking


Clearly if they are able to faction change, they can do just race changes as well. Even if they have to process a faction change twice it accomplishes the desired result. It is just Blizzard once again being greedy and trying to get people to double pay and wait for some reason.

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Quick Question:

With faction change in game which of below scenarios you think is more likely to happen:

  1. A realm with population ratio of 70/30 turns into a 100/0
  2. A realm with population ratio of 70/30 turns into a 50/50

@BlizzardEntertainment Why is this not available on current content? It also should be free to change to Alliance with a race change right now after all the years you have allowed the Alliance faction to die so much.

I have characters smattered across multiple realms that I’d like to faction change AND realm transfer. But alas Faerlina-US is still locked and regularly running on only 1 to 2 layers even with the Phase 2 release.

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Nice money grab :+1::+1::+1:

Literally what began to kill off wow communities back in wrath they couldnt resist welcome to pvp migrations.

race change when?


Bring JJ back until 68 while you’re at it :smiley:

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Yea but when the h e double hockey sticks are we getting race change…. WHY WOULD WE WANT TO FACTION CHANGE TO THE DEAD SIDE OF OUR ONE SIDED REALMS? ohhhh it’s because you want up to $95 to faction change and then another $25 for each of those 8 characters to server transfer to a lower population realm than we left…… disgusting

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I think it’s funny that they are offering this knowing full and well the imbalance of the realms sending up to 8 of your characters to a dead side of your realm…. It’s because they are hopeful you’ll get a transfer for those characters also to somewhere you could actually play those characters

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Imagine thinking they’d offer race change…. You know the option the majority of people actually want…. Lmao enjoy swapping when realm balances look like 5% / 95%

How about you give us race change instead! Cringe money grab thinking people will pay more than once to go back to their perspective realm after 30 day cool down. Realistically to announce this and say nothing about race change shows loud and clear they are hoping you’ll get sucked into multiple transactions

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Really don’t think this is it. If it was, there wouldn’t be a 30 day cooldown. If this was the goal there’d be a much shorter cooldown, or no cooldown at all.

Its saying I am exceeding the gold transfer limit but dont have anywhere near it…

The other end of that is that they know people will transfer to the dead side of their realm with no one to play with and then have to pay to xfer those same characters off to a lesser pop realm ( if you came from a large one ) and then maybe at some point later on theyll remove restrictions and youll pay to go to a main realm

That’s a lot of assumptions in 2 sentences. LOL.