WOW needs more diversity

this is a game made of of mostly players, a lot of players are gay, therefor there is representation, i personally don’t need media to verify that my sexuality is ok for me .


i wanted to ask, but it was only going to get answered with rubbish so i let it go :stuck_out_tongue:

it really is.

i choose not to watch tv, so i don’t know what goes on there… and this gives me total control over what i’m viewing.

the news media which i reference doesn’t spend time reporting on relationships.

…and even if it did, i wouldn’t care, because other peoples personal lives aren’t my concern.
unless it impacts me, i don’t care what people do.


Highly disagree but I’m honestly too tired to fully explain so whatever. Agree to disagree.

I don’t agree. If the media is already okay with representing you, then that speaks to the attitude changes around you that are more accepting of who you are.

Can you apply that logic to before it was okay to have a black person on a main role on tv? Maybe in a game? Maybe you personally aren’t affected, but there are a lot of people out there where representation like this is helpful.


I think what they mean is that LGBT want more stories, entertainment, etc to show stories of gay/lesbian people which they can relate to.

I can be wrong, correct me if it sounds like it.



That’s really all I ask for.


nah im good

Overwatch imo is doing a good job at this. A lot of homophobes come out with rage, but it eventually dies down :joy:

I fell out of the overwatch hype after they changed Mercy ( the only character I was confident with ). But I still give them props. They really need to hurry up and just say McCree and Hanzo are dating. All I’m sayin’

these make me cringe, but if that’s the directors vision, then who am i to judge?
who are YOU to judge?
art is art.
there are people who would like to see things like the statue of David censored because it makes them uncomfortable.

even films like Titanic got a big no from me.
it was really uncomfortable sitting in a cinema with a bunch of strangers, and watching things get “steamy”… but i’m not going to tell other people they’re wrong because they enjoyed the movie.

unless you’re paying for the house, and the bills, and the tv, then that’s a fair request.
i never got to choose the programs when i was living with my parents.
you have to respect the rules of the homeowner.

(and no, i’m not being mean, just realistic)


na man thats just pandering.
i personally think geniune relationship is far better then a forced token attempt.

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Blizzard should hire more LGBT writers and developers in order to make more LGBT relationships with experience to make them feel more authentic.

Art is also subjective and I don’t find the naked female body interesting at all.

Now that I am not for.

Bruh no it’s not. I was 17 and I would have been booted FOR A TV SHOW. THAT SHE DIDN’T HAVE TO WATCH.

Trust me that vile woman deserves no respect.

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oh no no no. just hire quality writers. There sexuality shouldnt be talked about.
qualification alone should dictate who gets the job.


Please, like I have not heard what you just said a million times over.

It’s the same thing with you people all the damn time. The story can be PERFECT. the most PERFECT story that has ever been written in all of human existence, but the characters are gay.

Then you come here and say, “well that’s just pandering and it’s being shoved down people’s throats”

You always shift the goalposts about what’s acceptable.


lol okay its kinda funny I used a el dorado meme. That movie was originally depicting the lead guys in a more adult relationship with each other but they had to scrap it for obvious reasons. But there’s still hints of it.

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I can see your point, but the comparison is a lot different. Gay people have been victim of prejudice but never to the extent of racial prejudices. how many black people are represented in this game as far as lore goes? why are we not fighting for that as well? I don’t need a character to be gay for me to identify with them or of any race or gender, if this was a dating sim i could see your point, but moose people versus pandas in a med-evil style war doesn’t leave much room for discussing sexuality, in face its unnecessary.


take a breather. You need to calm down.
there wasnt any lead up to tracer and her girlfriend. absolutly nothing. it seemd very forced instead of a natural introduction.
a good quality lgbtq story was the glee. after seasons of him being bullied his very own bully accepts his insecurities. It told a open gay person from the beginning

Dude. Hospitals would let gay people with aids suffer and die on purpose. I don’t wish to compare misery but A LOT of people died due to hate.

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Ugh I hate that show.