WoW is now drowning to death

None of us know the state of the game.

Only Blizzard has that data

Oh no the sky is falling

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They fixed the SoM exploit right away actually. That was a great job on them! They acted really fast.

They have a plan for the future. Shadowlands is just another step toward that plan. They haven’t been communicating with us for years because if we heard the details of their plan up front, people would have just quit. And as the details are gradually implemented to permanently change the game into their grand vision, people are realizing they don’t like it now and it’s not getting better anytime soon.

They think everybody will come around and come flocking back.

This is the expansion where they’ve decided to try to make all the failed ideas of the past work, that they believed would have worked if only they’d stood their ground and not caved when people unsubbed in mass numbers.

These games are expensive to keep running. Activision will pull the plug on it if the population dropped too low to still be profitable.

We can make assumptions based on our own experiences on the realms we are on. If I see no one in the world I’m playing in, I’m going to think “this one’s dead”. If it was the only realm I play on, I could imagine the entire game was like that.

Population numbers as listed on the login screen are relative. Whatever calculations they use have been changed overnight a number of times since Legion. Starting a new character on a “Full” server will get you a message there may be login times, but the fact is the only login queues you will ever experience are in the case of a system glitch.

“/Who” has been broken for years. It is not a useful tool.

I think so. I mean, they applied their esports model to classic. That would wreck the competition.

Did they eliminate the characters that got through before it was fixed?


They returned them to their original realm on classic era and out of SoM. They said they’re going to continue tracking down any transfer that suddenly has Naxxs armor. Found this all over wowhead.

< >

Have you heard of Renegade X?

Playing WoW though?

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Normally I follow discord links to wowhead that I see in my game window. But I just woke up and haven’t started the game yet.

I don’t play SoM but I saw a video about this earlier today and then I saw them brought the server back online and said they fixed it. Let’s hope they’re like this from now on.

Looks interesting. Didn’t know of the fan remake

I played it for about a week. It can be pretty fun, but definitely frame issues at times. I enjoyed the updates to include more balancing for teams. Mobile Artillery squad <3

Definitely like the Tiberian Sun Modification they’re making for it

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CnC 4 was grea…pffft bwahahahaah.

Now it’s a mobile game :face_vomiting:

Most memorable song from my childhood of gaming.


Can’t forget


Disagree or not… There has always been people spouting that now is the time wow is dying… For every single expansion.

Never played RA3. Stopped play’n CnC after RA2


I stopped after Cnc Generals.
wiggles toes


I play the C&C remaster often. Just wish Tolkien would let a developer remaster the BFME 1, and 2 rts games.

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Yo I did so not mean it like that, I meant I was too broke and a joke to ever have an xbox much less have friends to play it with. :stuck_out_tongue:

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One day you guys are going to tell me how you figure stuff like this out because I swear to you I’m beyond impressed that people can check every guild on all 200+ servers

Didn’t they roll that back?

How do you know how the entire playerbase feels? I don’t recall being polled.


Man that’s a lot of /who’ing :laughing:

My server is full. The world is full of players. Even open world old content I see a few toons leveling up, especially in BfA.

The “Wow is dying” posts are getting sickening.