WoW is now drowning to death

We all float down here…


WoW dies the very instant it’s no longer profitable, and that will eventually happen. Dunno why people ever say otherwise.


Everyone is saying 9.2 will bring people back.

Millions of players back for a what? 2 weeks when they finish the mobs, raids, and alphabet?

Fun, fun.

I don’t think 9.2 will bring in more than 1,000 players that have left–and that’s just to do the new island and quit, again.

It’s another island. This isn’t content.

Open world mobs that die in 3 seconds isn’t content.

Platforming for treasure chests isn’t content.

Unlocking an alphabet is something for Sesame Street–and not World of Warcraft.

I’ve seen more complicated ideas and procedures shown on Dora the Explorer and Blue’s Clues. (Really)

I just wish we got actual content that lasts for months and months per patch.


We got mob grinding and jumping (and DYING) for treasure chests with 10 gold and a grey item.


The #1 MMO (well it was #1) has completely devolved into a simplistic elite mob grind. But, wait!!!

Jumping puzzles!!! I have to hit the tip of this branch juuuuuuust right or else fall to my death and get a repair cost on my gear that is greater than the monetary value of the items in the box.


What happened to this game?


All the other Doom posts over the years had no effect on me, but this is the one that convinced me. I’ll now adorn a ‘Repent! The end is nigh!’ sign and hang out by the trade district auction house to warn people.

They chose the money over quality.


From my experience I would agree with him. Most of my many characters have randomly joined social guilds. A few ended up joining raiding guilds they were randomly invited to.

Most of those guilds are dead, including a few that raided mythic in BfA. I have characters that have reached 50 during SL, who continue to play and have never been invited to a guild.

On a few servers things are hopping. But even on those servers guilds have died.

Yes, Dalaran is a busy server.

Area-52 is a busy server. As is Zul’jin.

Most of the servers I play on are supposedly FULL or HIGH. But appear dead. No levelers in the world. Only a few players in Orgrimmar.

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Then I pity you.

I was lucky, having started wow in legion and this was the server I was put on. I cannot imagine being on a dead or half-dead server. I have 10 toons I regularly play (and many more I should delete but don’t have the heart to do so) and the cost of moving that many to a different server… yikes.

It’s been falling since the day after the game launched. It may finally hit the ground in a century or three.

No, you aren’t. Trust me on this.


People wont accept this. It is a waste of time to tell them.

You know what is the worse problem in WoW now ? Players and Blizzard are deluded in most part that there is a problem. To them, the game is fine and everyone likes it, and those who do not, it is their problem. It is kinda true, it is their problem. But the population reaching critical low is not their problem, it is a game’s problem.

Games like EVE Online, they have like 50 years of game already paid for the number of active users they keep and the revenue they put in their statements. They could not care less if no one plays the game for the next 10 years, they still can keep the lights on if they wanted to.

WoW might not show numbers, but they are REQUIRED to put statements regarding their situation, and if WoW numbers drop just a little further, they would be mostly required to divert the resources to Overwatch, which is paying the bills, and just let it go.

But like Rome, Babylon, the Mongol, the Manchu, WoW reign is ending, but WoW people dont accept that while there is still time to revert it.


I agree, Its late in the patch cycle so mains are pretty much raid logging if that as outside of trying to parse higher or selling runs why would a CE main be playing?

Lots of people are still doing alt content, hell I quit 4 months ago and just resubbed for a month to level and gear some alts for 9.2 (running horde dk, rogue and priest on NA servers and alliance dk, priest and warlock on OCE).

I have aggressively mediocre twitch reflexes so I gamely slop my way through most FPS games I play.


I don’t know; maybe.


That seems like a pretty conservative guess but whatever. You have no idea how many people will come back if any at all.

A new zone, island or not, is no longer content?

Do the mobs there die in 3 seconds?

What is content for you?

How much Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer and Blue’s Clues do you watch? What ideas and/or procedures have they shown on those shows that are more complicated than this patch that you haven’t played or experienced yet?

Again, what is content to you?

When has WoW not been about mob grinding? The treasure chests do suck. I do wish Blizzard would put something in them worth getting. Total agreement there.

This just sounds like someone who is mad because they are bad at jumping puzzles.

“tbc is now dead due to an exploit”

Lol it was one AU server that had virtually nobody on it to begin with. And they locked the characters in a couple hours.

Talk about an overreaction.

Prob because this is your “first” post, huh?

Was fine last night when I was on. Had absolutely no problem forming PUG groups, getting guildmates on board with things, and the open world was very populated.

Retail typically dies off towards the end of an expansion, especially one as poorly received as SL. First time here?

I’d be interested to know how many people feel tied to guilds. I wager if you’re raiding with a schedule it’s a pretty big deal.

I don’t do anything in WoW with my guild, really. We do a lot of other stuff outside of WoW, but I don’t enjoy group content in this game anymore. I’m still playing it pretty actively, however, but in a single-player capacity.

If it wasn’t for things like Jackbox or D&D or the nice social circles we have in my guild, I doubt I’d have much reason to play in one. When I play my alliance alts or even some of my horde alts, I don’t guild up.

I hate when ignore doesn’t work properly. I re-did the forever part, now to see if it sticks for that long.

Every day people insist wow is dead or dying, and every quarterly report they show ridiculous revenue.

Curious what Q4 will look like.

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look at the 9.2 feedback forums.

they clearly said they had plans for the future tho?

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I’m positive guilds have died as guilds have died for the entirety of the lifespan of wow.

Blame sharding :-1: