Lionheart (AU) Season of Mastery Realm

UPDATED 4:23 p.m. PST – December 3, 2021

The Lionheart (AU) Season of Mastery Realm has been returned to service and is available for play.

During this downtime, we tracked down every character that transferred to the realm and began the process of returning them to their origin and reversing their actions. That work is still underway, and we will continue to ensure that no items or economic impacts remain on Lionheart.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

11:00 a.m. PST

We’ve temporarily disabled the Lionheart (AU) Season of Mastery realm while we take our next steps to address the transfer bug experienced on that realm.

We’ll provide further updates here as soon as possible.


Good man!!!

Please ban for this.

Gold got laundered from Era->Lionheart, trade to alt, Lionheart->Other server.

This is a clear exploit, and has huge consequences for other players.


can i get a refund


only several hours late, but hey better late than never.

Some of the players involved were bragging about how they do not care if they get banned, they are playing Classic TBC anyway. So how bout you just hit um with that bnet account ban instead of character.


You cant transfer from lionheart anywhere because its an OCE pve server

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are you being willfully ignorant? you do realize there is no way to transfer gold off the AU server

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He probably means “Hey bud, if you give me 100k here, I’ll give you 200k there”…

dont fix anything let it go for once

can i get a refund


Maybe I’m splitting hairs, but this doesn’t seem to qualify as what we would normally call a “bug”.

Someone explicitly put Lionheart AU on the allowed SoM transfer list.

Yes, that was a mistake, but it feels wrong to call it a bug.


Good point, the difference is accountability, take this L activision


I hope you compensate those who spent $25 on transferring to a server YOU allowed them to. Otherwise enjoy your lawsuit


-200 iq blizzard

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Oh no a lawsuit.

you paid $25 to smash some undergeared people in BGs for a few hours. enjoy


I was not affected by this, because I did not pay any money to transfer. But a good lawyer who wants to make money, can add up the data and calculate how many players transferred and did not receive compensation to make for a good case. When money is involved, expect to see opportunity.


So you tranfered for free? well… but did enjoy smashing the undegeard guys on the BG right?
When it comes to being good in the game is too hard…

They knew it was a mistake and abused it on purpose with potential disastrous results for the game. They don’t deserve any money back


Yes I’m sure Lizzard is going to take potential frivolous lawsuits into account when deciding how to handle the transfer fees. Small indie company that totally doesn’t have a legal team that swats off an endless procession of litigious bs on the daily. This is totally new and not something every corporate entity in the real world treats as a solved problem.