WoW is a cesspool of online bullying

If you’re an underperforming player, you’re going to be told so. Often times in the nastiest and most negative way possible. Ignore lists are limited and don’t prevent it. Reporting players feels empty because there’s no closure. I’m just supposed to trust that Blizzard takes care of it, when toxic chat continues to be the norm? I’ve even witnessed people brag about how they can be openly racist and still come back after a soft 3 day ban. It’s disgusting. And it only seems to be getting worse. We need chats moderated better because it’s ruining our gaming experience! Especially for newbies


Welcome to the Internet. Trolls feed on reactions, so don’t give 'em none.


You learn to tolerate it. Even ignore it. Take the constructive criticism when there is such and ignore the rest.


Blizzard doesn’t hand out severe bans for racism or life threats etc. They can’t afford to lose subs, especially now.

In my experience, FF14 and ESO have by far the best communities I have seen, everyone helps each other out, and veterans go out of their way to make sure you have the most fun possible.

Due to the Esport nature of WoW (however dwindling), WoW in turn gets a very toxic following of self proclaimed elitists, I wouldn’t recommend WoW to any of my real life friends, which is a shame because it’s a great game.


Some people are toxic about it, but taking criticism is part of being mature. Otherwise, I agree with you. I doubt it will get better, since Blizzard corporate seems to prefer automated systems over paying people.


I mean, I’m not saying it’s okay to be as toxic as some are, but “git gud” is actual advice that will stop most of the negative comments coming your way.


man OP better avoid Eve online then they make moon guard look like a sunday school


You should play bball at your local community center… Trash talk is just human nature.


Untrue. They don’t ban them for the most part but depending on the infraction they get silenced. Some are into years of not being able to communicate at all in game. They start at 24hrs and double each time. There are forum posts with people who actually complain about being hit with these, so they do in fact exist.

Every game has these types of people to claim that some handle it better is meh to me. I’ve seen the truly toxic be ushered out here.

Again this is funny to me. Even before the introduction of esports, these people existed. To blame it purely on that is nothing more than a strawman.

Thing overall here is though, what some deem toxic is purely acceptable through the ToS. Heck these forums alone show that on the daily. Where I do agree some go way too far, I have seen some complaints lodged that made me scratch my head and wonder why some are so sensitive.


I really tried to soak up info before even doing my first raid which was lfr. However I went in with my blacksmith hammer equipped. Could not figure out why I was doing no damage I did get kicked but I learned from it.



Eve is probably one of the easiest mmo’s to play and have a life.

How about less?


seriously in EvE online they have entire sectors of space and several planets without any police patrols and your literally at the mercy of space pirates in fact not only is kidnapping and highjacking space freighters a legitimate business other players actually make money off of protection service and battling piracy by escorting other ships using their juggernaut class armored ships

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You think wow chat is overly moderated? How so?


I never pay attention to the chat box, I’ve never seen anyone go off on me for my performance.

I know I’m not top notch as I don’t have the ideal talents. But I do my best to keep up, stay out of the bad, and follow the leader.

I also haven’t been in too many dungeons, but I haven’t been kicked from one yet.


I think all internet communication is “overly moderated,” with tools abused by massive groups of people who can’t handle constructive criticism or differing opinions.


now the one thing I can say eve online does right is they punish pvpers severely in fact if you attack another players ship in a “protected” zone they can and will dispatch as many police craft to either run the offender off or destroy you because they are purposely programmed to be invincible and unlike WoW guards they will not stop spawning they will send ships until they beat you the longer you keep fighting they will eventually overwhelm you with as many as it takes

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Eve may slaughter you for violating sanctuary zones, but WoW doesn’t even let you attack in sanctuary zones :stuck_out_tongue:

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well it depends on how clever you are in fact in Shattrath you can acutally attack and kill npcs based on your faction standing like aldor don’t take kindly to a scryer aligned player landing in their part of town and they try to exile you but if your quick enough you can cause a few fatalities :rofl:

True enough xD I had some good times launching people off the Aldor elevator, I admit.