Wow hunters got aimed shot and rapid fire buffs

Sorry man. Not sure what to say. :man_shrugging:

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i agree buff survival defensive and a little bit more dmg

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:sob: Yes please.

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Fire its pretty easy to do damage on and simple enough to play

Living is a whole different story though. The complexity of a spec like fire mage comes from using your utility and staying alive as best you can to not give your healer aneurysm from being paired with glass cannon fire mage.

Damage though I feel like its one of the easiest specs in the game. Unsure if thats just all my time on it or its really that easy/straight foward.

I’d argue its easier then BM when it comes to damage delivery at least from my POV.

i am wildly confused on what is even being argued but the only modern caster on bm level is ele

Eh that’s because you could do a full combust rotation with your eyes closed and do virtually max dps 9/10 times

A “new” player to the game or spec probably isn’t doing that, not compared to BM anyway

Ig, I still think its easy to do though. You just pull the trigger and light em up.

The hard part i feel like is if your being trained to the ground knowing how to blink, maximize alter, images, invisi wall, displacement and blast in a well enough fashion while you pump damage. I feel like the hardest part of mage even for experienced folk is reading the damage and knowing how to survive it and kite efficiently while your under fire.

Most mages i see that struggle I feel like they can mostly have the damage components of class down well but have no clue how to survive, kite well and land kicks at dangerous stuff simultaneously and die near instantly as a result lol.

On this we agree 100%

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Mage to me is like a synchronous dance of kiting, staying alive, laying out CC and dealing damage. You have to do all of it at once or you flop.

Once people understand the dance and patterns of it I feel like they begin to excel at mage. Like oooh I get it!

Jumping around, blinking the rogues kidney, altering his step recheap, kicking the lock winding up on you, and laying out a withering storm of combust damage all in one motion.

thats the beauty of mage to me. No other class can have so many moving parts at once. But they can always be interchanged. IE you blink the kidney, pre alter step cheap, and if you cant stop a cast soming at you or healer you can ginvisi wall before the recheap a millisecond later to cancel it, OR mass invisi if u got it and honor talent for same result

Thats why i say doing dmg is super easy on mage but u need to learn the other components to not be flopped instantly. You can’t fly as a bird flapping one wing, you need BOTH.

Most classes I feel like can scrape by with one wing and still fly but mage cannot. I think mage is one of best classes in game sometimes for living and surviving well but majority of players arent at the level to maximize it, even good mages struggle sometimes or make mistakes and its way more punishing.

Its why historically most QQ posts come from mages. Class dies super ez if ur inexperienced with not much for training wheels.

Mages have enough shields that offer plenty of support by giving them an extra layer of health and other benefits like breaking snare if talented. And they get indirect heals from iceblock, displacement, alter time, and probably something else I forgot.

And I’m pretty sure blink offers some benefits to your health if talented.

All in alll…mages do not flop over as easily as you make it sound.

Having said that, I did hate fighting good assassin rogues on my fire mage mostly because of the upfront garrote silence. But anything else I could handle or just run away from.

Shields/alter/displacement are all purgeable and pop pretty instantly.

Block can be md’d/shattered or locked out of.

Compared to a class like lock with pact/resolve/soul burn HS/coil and passive soul leech that can withstand a ton of punishment its a night and day difference.

Hence the constant gap in their popularity. The majority of specs in the game have pretty straight foward offense and defensive abilities that aren’t subjected to the same dangers either. There is no purge for cloak of shadows or evasion. Or pact/wall.

Mage defenses require the player using them to do so intelligently or risk immediate punishment and consequential death as a result of poor use no one else besides ret really has the same standard. You press it, it works and you fight on.

Mage skill ceiling comes from learning to use them intelligently while doing everything else. So yes mages do flop incredibly easy and will be the most vocal of whine posts as a result.

Well played mages do not and as I said have some of the best survivability in game hands down if not the best. Mage is one of the best 1vX classes in the game period and nothing survives like them especially if your punching down. Just dont throw in a hunter and we good.

oh no oh god oh f

Yea, but that lock isn’t getting away to fight another day… well, maybe in arena where they have all their gates and teleports pre-planned.

But in most blitz brawls and regular BGs, that lock will always have a warrior, paladin, or rogue in its face with nearly 100% uptime. I couldn’t stand playing a class that has to stand there taking the punishment without being able to do much in return because the mobility spells generally suck in brawl blitz.

So it’s not a fair comparison.

Anyway, starting to work on my survival hunter again. Started one from scratch to get used to it. Only thing it really lacks is a self heal, but if feral self heals are any indication, I think survival is much better off without one LOL. I prefer the large damage reductions every minute than those crappy feral self heals.

The one thing I like about survival is it has a nice balance between melee and ranged abilities.

Well yes this is the arena forums and were talking about arenas.

In a BG most of them are so far below my XP/GEAR I can comfortably 1v3+ typically. WoW PVP is balanced around 3s and 3s maps. Not a fair comparison.

Not WSG or duels in durotar.

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All mages are dorks.

Book munching scroll sniffing doofuses

This and a significant buff to Serpent Sting/Razor Fragments dot would have been a better change

Are all hunters dense? Arcane is in no way on the same stupified scale planet as any hunter spec.

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In the past it was basically a two button spec.

I was mostly referring to brawl blitz but just mentioned BGs also…

In either case, not touching a lock because I gave up on arena last season.

Solo shuffle arena didn’t save it because arena is not what most players want for their pvp itch.