PvP Rating Adjustments

We’ve been monitoring player feedback on rating in PvP, and we will make some significant adjustments to inflation, beginning with a hotfix that is going live as soon as possible, to help alleviate concerns.

Going into Dragonflight Season 3, we took preemptive measures, with the goal of making a player’s PvP rating and progression feel as they would expect relative to previous seasons. The rating system, calculations, and rating gains throughout a season can be difficult to predict. They’re impacted by various factors, including player activity. We need to be cautious about making changes to MMR and rating, to best ensure that we’re not creating unwanted effects or trends that do more harm than good to the ladder overall.

MMR, rating, and associated rewards are topics that the team monitors and discusses frequently, and we’ll continue to do so in future seasons.

Suggestions that are offered here are generally in alignment with our internal discussions about what we might do in future seasons. For clarity, there is no cap to MMR, but the highest rating is a result of the combination of population trends and lack of inflation.
Thank you for your continued feedback and patience on this topic.


Thanks for the update!


oooooooooo interesting

I want to start by saying thanks for the update on fixing PvP ratings and the discussions about MMR. It’s a good beginning, but I hope you can also create a space, like a special chat or communication thread, where we can have deeper discussions about these topics. So far, we’ve only received three updates during the entire expansion. More frequent and meaningful conversations would be beneficial, especially if they lead to quick decisions and actions based on our discussions.

I appreciate that you’re considering player feedback for future seasons, but what about the current season? Could you share specific examples of player ideas that you’re planning to implement in the next updates? Having this information would really help us understand what changes to expect.

Regarding MMR changes, I’d like more details. For instance, when you mention “significant adjustments to inflation,” what exactly does that mean? Also, how do you plan to address the issues related to the MMR of healers? Understanding the specifics of these adjustments is crucial for us to know how our gameplay and progression will be impacted.

Looking forward to more detailed updates on these matters!


but how do you explain the best players in the world being permanently stuck at 2400, there being no glads 6 weeks into the season (still no glads to this day)

is the game literally just not being played

also thank you for the updates and posting buddy, we appreciate the communication


Now this is the change we needed

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That is a lie lol


Number go up. :dracthyr_yay_animated:

I imagine it’s just nobody queuing due to lack of inflation.


PLEASE for the love of God, inflate the mmr, BY A LOT. I’m at 1800 and facing only glads, R1s and AWC people. Heck I got my 1800 game vs. freaking PIKABOO!!!


You need actual participation to move the ladder up, the mmr has to come from somewhere. Players are not playing atm, especially at the lower end.

Everyone is protesting actually playing til the free mmr train comes in.


That’s his home.


but like at the top end does mmr just not go up if players at the bottom aren’t queueing? even if the players at the top are winning games?

for instance kalvish is 42-15 in the last 6 days and has gone up 100 points. does that not indicate an mmr cap

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Yeah, exactly. Nobody playing because no free mmr so ladder grinds to a halt. Middle eats lower end, top eats middle, etc. All need each other and that’s why first season is always nutso.


inb4 nothing actually happens and we are still tortured



Thank you for communicating.


The only thing that will save the situation is the immediate inject of 800 MMR to each player at this moment RIGHT NOW.

We must give up the idea of only playing the last 2 months of the season.

The Gladiator should be available both at the beginning of the season and at the mid and end of the season. Not just at the end of season.

I hate every deflate seasons. I dont want play PVP every day on 1.9 MMR cap.

I don’t understand what’s wrong with the fact that throughout the season I will got a gladiator on different alternate characters.

After all, this will encourage everyone to try different classes and specializations, after each of us gets a gladiator on our main character (AS SOON AS POSSIBLE).

After all, if I start trying to push the gladiator on the second character (another class/spec), on whom I play much worse than on my main, this will only benefit the ladder.

Firstly, it will add a variety of setups to the ladder. (Not only meta comps)
Secondly, all the enemy main characters that I will meet, I will be significantly inferior to them in experience, and will allow them to rise up the ladder faster.

And it turns out that I get Gladiator every time at the end of the season, and I don’t have time to enjoy the season because you deliberately deflate it to such a state that you then write these messages every time “We hear you all”.

Maybe just stop making this mistake and let us enjoy the game?

Or are you so worried that if I get a gladiator at the beginning of the season, I’ll stop playing the game?

I think we already went through this when you made a timegate for Conduits, Korthia, Covenants, and everything else that we didn’t like in Shadowlands, you removed all these weekly restrictions, and people didn’t stop playing because of it.

We don’t need these time restrictions, you have to trust that we will play regardless of whether we get the final reward right now or not.

Never confuse, getting a gladiator and the title of r1 for 0.1%
Now Blizzard is starting to equalize them in terms of receiving, which harms all of us.


Why are you so afraid of allowing really high ratings? SL S2 should be the baseline moving forward if PvP is to be saved. Who cares if there might be more gladiators than in the past?


I’d say too big of a reward gap (2400 and 3500+ for title) but they’re perfectly fine with that in keys so I don’t know. I guess with pvp you have to actually queue into people and having a giant void of 1000+ mmr causes matchmaking issues.

I imagine a fix might just be start everybody a bit higher, and/or have natural inflation not be as impactful, so basically ladder moves up regardless of player activity (or inactivity, as we see now) and then late season people aren’t as high.

Basically just smoother gains.

This whole thing probably came about because people realized that it’s easier to push late > they don’t queue initially > this makes it harder for everybody to push, etc. Basically a compounding thing.

Please, lets be reasonable here. :dracthyr_hehe_animated:


Please make MMR the way it was before. Artificially lowering mmr is not nice for the players. Let the gladiators sit on their own ratings. And rank 1 players sit on their own rating, I don’t want to see them in the arena against me at all. Let them go to 3700 .

You say: why inflate the ratings? Seasons with inflated ratings have always been most popular in Warcraft. Nobody wants to play vs ppl 3300+ exp. why ppl need play vs rank 1 ppl on 1800-2k? on 2400?

I feel useless all season, when the subscription ends, I will return to the game only in the last month of the season, when the mmr is adequate. I really worry that I made an advance payment.


We need to be cautious about making changes to MMR and rating, to best ensure that we’re not creating unwanted effects or trends that do more harm than good to the ladder overall.

PvP is in the worst state it has ever been. Maybe something drastic is completely warranted. Do you guys even play the game?