Wow hunters got aimed shot and rapid fire buffs

I don’t know if anyone disagrees with this

But you lumped arcane in with fury and BM and the only time in the game’s history where that might have been the case is wrath

A better example would’ve been frost DK imo

Idk if there is a caster that would fit this tho

Should Kennie. I said should. There should be specs that exist that are simple to get into. Should. This is how it was in the past.

I’m strictly talking from ease of getting into. NOT that it can’t be difficult as you get better. But when your damage can be boiled down into a few buttons, I’d say that’s a low skill floor.

Arcane? In PvP?

Do you think arcane is easy to get into right now?? Compared to BM or fury? When was the last time you logged into an arcane mage?

No. It’s why I said should.

arcane is on a comparable level[of having a low skill floor and being easy to get into]to fury and bm in a pvp setting

“no, arcane is harder to get into than the other two listed specs due to these basic characteristics”

don't play a spec that has those basic characteristics then

charitably it doesn’t seem like you understood that to be the exchange taking place, but if you look at the posts it is exactly that much of a non sequitur

this is useful
i would disagree with the merit of this statement because arcane has qualities that SO tint its play experience that there is basically no pvp scenario in which you can focus exclusively on its damage. you can’t take an arcane mage onto any road shared by enemy players and floor it if you’re a complete noob, you’ll just get pancaked over and over.

it may be true that arcane’s damage is simple, but i don’t believe that has any meaning in pvp because i think it’s impossible to play its dmg in a vacuum compared to, say, fury and bm

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I know you keep pointing out should but you do understand that when you say something should be a certain way (even when it’s most certainly not), while directly lumping it in with things that are that way, people are going to infer that you’re either implying or outright stating that you think it is that, right?

Not at all.

In the past, those specs have always had simple and rewarding rotations. A low skill floor that made the game more accessible and more forgiving. That’s all. If I needed to clarify that some, then people can just ask.

I didn’t say that, so I can’t really respond to the rest.

No where did I say anything about a comparable level of difficulty. I very specifically said specs that have a low skill floor and are easy to get into. That’s it. Specs can have both an easy level of entry and a high level of mastery. They are not mutually exclusive. Arcane be both easy to get into and very difficult to master and play at a high level.

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edited to reflect the technical accuracy of your nitpick. readers of both versions(besides you, probably) will note the lack of meaningful difference between before and after

the part you’re being pushed back on is here

arcane is not easy to get into

And that’s why I said should. There should be specs that are easy to get into.

you have departed the land of potentially understandable misspeaking and entered the waters of lying. i do not believe that you understood what you said, to mean what you are now insisting you understood it to mean

It isn’t tho

It was actually a meme last season how not easy arcane specifically was to get into as a way to show how wow in general isn’t easy to get into lmao

This is disheartening. I don’t have a reason to lie. I’m having a snack. Sitting in queue. Just chilling…

If you can’t even give me even the slightest benefit of the doubt, then I’m not sure what to say. I very clearly said there should be easy specs to get into and then gave some examples of some specs that would be good for that role as they have held it in the past.

That’s it.

I’m not saying it is now. I just gave some examples of some specs. I should have prefaced it more by saying in the past. That’s all.

you had it for the first like 4 posts man at this point you’re just refusing to sign for your L

yeah like i was not unclear about this, nor was kennie, nor was notorious. “was easy to get into in the past” is as unfitting for arcane 40 years ago as it is today.

“i meant in the past not now” means nothing when it’s inaccurate to say about the past too

You literally misread what I typed and suggested I said something I didn’t.

Yea, that’s not even slightly true.

i attributed “2+2=5” to you, and you corrected me that what you actually said is 2+2=6. your seizure of this meaningless nit is what i called lying

it’s mystifying that you’re acting so maligned here. this is the entire argument-you said arcane is X, and you got pushback from people who don’t think arcane is X. waste all the time you feel like litigating X if you must, but it’s clear to me that 3 independent parties immediately disagreed with you about it and that your hairsplitting has not clarified X into being something any less laughable

So I should just accuse you of lying since you got something wrong? Or I can just point it out and we can talk.

Look my guy, since classic is a thing, let’s just hop in the time machine and take a look at arcane damage from one of the ‘top’ dps on a random fight.


That’s all I meant. A spec that’s simple to get into. I said nothing about PvP. I should have clarified more, but I’d assume… incorrectly, that most people would understand the point rather then arguing over the specifics. It was a generalization. I said there should be some specs that are easy to get into. Specs like bm, fury, arcane… That’s it.

you chose to say that nothing on the arena forum

here’s some water. you might be tempted to call it a bottle of water…but you know better than to let yourself be misled by assumptions. all i’ve said about it is that it is water

as well, you said it in reply to this guy

who was replying to your own post, where you said


I clarified what I said in the post. Because you chose not to read it or misinterpret it isn’t my problem. This is what you thought I said…

I didn’t say that. I didn’t imply that. Instead I was saying there should be specs with a low skill floor.

What is that?

That’s all. Fury, Arms, and Arcane, as compared to Arms, SV, MM, Fire, and Frost have typically been those things. I acknowledged that wasn’t the case now and is why I said…

To get more into it, I think BM is still working around the mentality of easy access. Pets are the primary damage source and they are basically impossible to shake. While the rotation has gotten some depth, I’d say it’s still fairly easy to get into. Fury has been that prior. Arcane has been that prior. That’s all.

okay dude have fun slowly shrinking and transforming into a corn cob