Wow hunters got aimed shot and rapid fire buffs

Am I taking crazy pills here. They make the most toxic spec even more toxic?


Marks is dogwater in arenas right now.


That has more to do with the melee meta than it does with MM’s lack of strength

This doesn’t make them stronger into the meta it just makes them do what they were good at, better


Completely unnecessary change.

I love how they keep making changes to MM and continue to ignore SV while letting BM actually be the best PvP option. Absolutely trash changes.

BM should never be competitive in PvP. MM has been so bastardized since WoD. SV continues to flop.

Man this is frustrating.


How else will backpeddling boomers get rating on hunters if bm isnt king


Won’t someone think of the boomers?! /sob


Gonna see double marks cheese at low ratings and it’s definitely gonna 1 tap with double sniper/aimed shot from camo…the rapid fires will just be the cherry on top :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Where’s that 1 dude at who only plays double marks in 2s? He’s definitely lovin this :joy:

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I think it’s just to off set the main stat nerf right? So their damage hopefully remains unchanged from what we’re used to now.

Won’t the main stat nerf somewhat be offset by people getting fully geared? =/

Well yeah damage and healing are going to increase as people acquire more gear. The buffs to mm are just to keep them at the same relative level. Not saying theirs and everyone elses damage won’t go up some with time.

Plenty of good survival hunters that are more scary then anything I’ve seen MM be able to do… at least in BG Blitz.

rapid fire/aimed shot got a larger buff than the loss of 8% trinket bonus so they still come out ahead relative to the change.

Spec doesn’t need damage tho, BM will still be better.

It’s pretty clear the only option whoever is in charge of pvp changes has is to +/- damage% and not change anything mechanically at this point.

Standings wise SV is almost at the bottom. Damage is fine, but surviving is the issue. While the 3s 90% damage reduction with feign is nice those big hits, SV just flops to sustained. Melee cleaves just destroy us. Put a DK, arms, and dh in there and you’re never not taking a ton of damage. :frowning:

There are a few ways to fix this for SV, though i’d rather see those top specs nerfed some. Like making bladestorm disarmable. Maybe… giving DK more mobility while reducing their slows. Dunno, the spec needs help. Unerfing intimidation would be nice. Increasing trap duration by a 1-2s for just SV. Maybe removing the duration penalty for diamond ice. I either need to be able to mitigate more damage or stop damage from happening via CC.


just braindead changes

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great changes well needed buffs :slight_smile:


Then nerf those 3 overperforming melees so the entire ladder can play the game over giving sv across the board buffs so we dont end up in SL s3-4 where sv was the best dps spec in game

Most toxic? i thought that was bm to you people?
The mm buff is out of touch tho but one of the ranged specs should always be good, survivals boring

Give up the hunter and play spin to win arms. My spec is so cringe right now.

MM buffs shoulda been pushed to pve.
Both tuning passes had MM buffs in pvp and honestly.
I dont think MM needs more damage in pvp, rapidfire esp with the tier set hits like a truck on anything not in plate. combined with volley you can just cleave down 2 people insanely fast. MM is not a very strong arena spec, but when its damage gets out of control its very toxic to play vs, in world pvp and rated bgs or the more casual space of random bgs, MM hunter must be one of the most toxic pieces of crap to deal with as it just blows you up from 70 yard range lol.

WHY? every spec should be able to compete why want handicapped specs? so everyone plays the same stuff?

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