Flightstones not dropping in Raid?

And here I am needing to spend mine because I stay at cap lmao

make it difficult for all or none… yes M+ has more players in it but doesn’t mean they can screw raiders over all the time forcing us to do even more stuff to keep up

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Im there with you but I assume they did it so raiders arent just instantly gearing up to minmax.

If raids dropped both that would mean raiders could get a bunch of gesr up within a week or two.

Cant have that kind of fun now can we?

You can only loot a raid boss once per difficulty. Thats not a ton of gear if you are running with 20 people.

Current drops:
Raids- fragments for crests, 1 per 5 raiders for gear, weekly lock per boss per difficulty
M± Fragments for crests, 2 per run for gear, and flight stones to upgrade said gear, can be run more often and no lock

Raiders are shafted hard while M+ has the minmax option

Right but lets say in a very unrealistic example

That you’re the only paladin in the group. The first like…5 bosses drop paladin tier. On the off chance that the paladin just happens to get 1 or 2 pieces. Thats already a boost to him.

On top of that every 2 bosses gives you enough shards for 1 crest. So on a good run of 7 bosses thats 3 crests for the whole raid run. Plus the flightstones necessary to level up any gear he currently has on. That has the potential to be a huge ilvl boost im just 1 raid week.

i’m not going to sit here and argue you the points.

Fact remains that M+ is hard favored outside of tier pieces… thats it… Raid SHOULD drop flight stones for raiders that only want to raid and not have to sit there and do M+ over and over just to get more gear and the upgrade mats… lets even mention the vault gives you HUGE upgrades for doing M+ while raiding only gives the loot from bosses which is equal to what your doing for content.

Raiders are punished while M+ gets rewarded

Nah, this has very little effect on raider gear progression–the crests are harder to come by than the flightstones. I think it’s just a bug since the announcement explicitly says they come from raid. Would love confirmation of this though.

I think what’s happening is I’m clearing Aberrus on one difficulty while capped and then getting no flightstones from another difficulty because I killed those bosses already.

It’s really weird and seems like an oversight/bug that flightstones wouldn’t drop in raids.

I didn’t even notice until I read this.

I upgraded a bunch for items on Tuesday before stepping into raid this week, so I was no longer capped, and I still got 0 flightstones, so this isn’t the whole issue.


im always on cap so no idea if they drop from raid, how can you even run out of that

It’s easy. Upgrade a few things then go into raid. You wont be capped anymore.

2000 is pretty easy to spend. I spent like 1500 on Tuesday and didn’t come close to spending all my crests.

I know. Im just trying to help clesr things up.

I wish it was like the old days where raid was it. Once you got your raiding armor and your BIS weapon you were set til the next raid dropped

You’re defending a bug. I hate people like you. People who see CORPORATION is all powerful and can do no wrong. Before the raid came out, they said flightstones would drop from raid. Flightstones currently do not drop from raid. Either they lied or it is a bug. You do not need to play mental gymnastics to accept it. There is no argument.

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Ya the tooltip literally says it drops in raids and it doesn’t

There was a hotfix for this on Thursday

Nice I hope they gave me my missing 800…

now if they only give flightsontes to the people that raided and didn’t get any… but i highly doubt it unfortunately

yea, history would point to no

I’ve even made tickets in the past and it’s always no.

tickets at this point is 100% waste of time… last ticket i put in took them over a week to get to me