Splintered shadowflame catch up thing

I’ve read the blue post about the “high chance” of splinters dropping until you’re caught up, which if I’m right should be 4 splinters this week for a total of 2 sparks.

I made a fresh alt, did the quest in the cavern, to get my full one. Won a BG and got my 3rd.

I’m now almost 3 dozen SS wins in, and I’ve lost count on my BG wins and still no 4th.

I did the big bad dragon event on the azure span, and even did the weekly 1500 rep with the mole people.

Still no 4th.
Daheck am I doing wrong, here?

You are caught up is why. This week there are 3 catchup splinters.

Have you done the 1 time quest to turn in 1 splinter for 2 splinters?

If you have done the 1 time quest then you either need to do the quest for 1500 rep with the Niffen OR one of the weekly PvP quests from Malicia.


3 splinters. There’s a freebie quest. 2 sparks.

Yes I did the one time quest, to turn in the 1 splinter for 2.
Did my BG win and got another splinter.

So I’ve received 3 splinters in total.

I did the weekly rep quest and granted, I still have the other quest from Mallcia, but that’s 1500 honor in RBG-and I’m not seeing a point in trying to do that, if I already did the weekly rep quest and didn’t receive the splinter.

I put in the ticket, and I was sent the link for the “catch up” post. no real help from there

Which I did.
Only weekly I haven’t done yet, is the RBG pvp quest
If I HAVE to do it, then LFG RBG YOLO group xD

Yeah not sure then.

Should be 2 splinters from quest
1 (catch-up from last week)
1 from 1500 rep quest (this week)

Is it possible you were affected by this bug?

Because if it consumed 2 splinters that may explain it. If so I recommend putting a ticket in.

That’s what I thought as well. I even put in a bug report, as well as asked the GM about it.

I was met with " keep trying"

You have the correct amount of catch up splinters. You have to do the 1500 loam rep quest this week or whatever the pvp activity is for the 4th

“Which I did.
Only weekly I haven’t done yet, is the RBG pvp quest”

Reopen the ticket and redirect them to the bluepost refering to said bug.

I’ll try that again. I’m sure they’re sick of me at this point.

GM was able to resolve my issue, finally xD

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YAY! Glad it’s resolved! Also in the future customer service forums are generally the better place to make posts like this :slight_smile:

I think if you already did the splinter quest this week, you might be out of luck. I would recommend getting the catch up one first, since you probably cannot be brought “current” via the catch up. The catch up brings you to a total of three splinters ever received. You have received three, so you can’t catch up the fourth, if that makes sense. Next week, get the freebie, then do the quest.