WoW Companion App 2.0, no Legion

At this moment (day after 8.1 dropped), the Legion version of the companion app can’t connect to the server, after login. This might also affect the current version, but I wouldn’t know or care because the BfA version is less than useless.

How do you still have access to the Legion version of the Companion App? It looks like they corrected the BFA version of the app’s ability to connect.

i’m still using the last Legion Companion before the rollout of 8.0, after uninstalling the auto-updated BfA copy of the app and restoring from my most recent prior backup. Backups are good. I’ve had to disable automatic update, of course.

I have the 3 Dec update of the Companion App (all BfA, all the time) on another device and have noticed that it can get access just fine. It’s the Legion app they broke and have left broken.

I have the BfA version on my iPhone, but I delayed updating my iPad version and I was so glad I did! But now, like Sniperorc, I can’t connect on the iPad version anymore. I am still working on Argus followers and leveling followers on alts, as well as getting rep tokens (just 3 mounts left). This change (or bug) is horrible.

I do realize Blizz won’t fix the old app to connect - it was probably on purpose, but it would be great if we could do the Legion content on the current Companion App.

Looks like bliz finally removed legion compatability, I was unable to log in. I’ve given in, its not that bad since they added paragon satchels at least.

I still have to collect one mount and toy from legion satchels though. I really hope they come back and enable a toggle, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Hopefully they make it easy to switch between legion and bfa followers. I also wish we could bring legion followers into bfa.

What is even the point in posting on here, they don’t care, they won’t communicate, they won’t be helpful.

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Blizz… I have never before replied or really even read forums, but I mean come on; this seems like a huge oversight and in the interest of keeping players I think it would be a wise idea to incorporate legion class hall missions and the like into the companion app once again. Show us you care enough about your game that you’re willing to answer the communities call. This isn’t a difficult fix and its not asking you to fix your game.

Blizzard, please just let us know. :frowning:

Why does the most posted on topic in this mobile bug report section not even get acknowledged? It wouldn’t take much for the team to say:

Legion content will be re-added.
Legion content will not be re-added.

Communication, even if it’s something we don’t want to hear, is better than ignoring. :confused:

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Why won’t Blizzard acknowledge this at all? It makes no sense to me.

Ages ago, they did acknowledge it. The old forums had a sticky “Mobile app known issues” post:

It’s the last bullet on that post.

Of course, they didn’t carry that post over to this forum, so did they un-acknowledge it?

:frowning: It still has a function and a use. Why does Blizzard prune old content I don’t understand. It’s the most maddening thing about their games.

As someone who came back to WoW and is currently in the Legion expansion, I am very upset that I cannot use the app for the Legion expansion. I played 2016/2017 and the app was incredibly useful but now since it only shows BfA content, I can’t do anything with my account unless I log on on my computer and I don’t get a lot of play time so this is very frustrating.


Still not fixed…LOL :man_facepalming: …and we cannot connect whit app pre-BFA…the app ask to update…:man_facepalming:

I miss being able to deal with Legion stuff in the app. Especially since unlocking the allied races requires so much time in Legion. Some of us still play Legion and WoD content. Being able to access those parts of the app again would be nice guys…


Please give us our Legion functionality back in the companion app!


Trying to unlock class Order Hall achievements, and this makes it so much harder! Why remove this functionality? Even level 120s doing current content are still doing Legion world quests and missions to unlock transmog and allied races (for BFA!), not to mention everybody who wants to level alts through Legion content! This is going to be even worse when Shadowlands drops and people start spending 40 levels in Legion content with their alts. Please add an interface option to switch to Legion missions/WQs, or a separate companion app for Legion. WoD would be nice, too, once it becomes a 40-level leveling zone in Shadowlands.

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<—Meant to use this character

Sigh. At this point I suspect we’re not going to see access to the old mission tables returned. And then Shadowlands is going to drop and we’ll lose access to BFA’s mission tables in favor of whatever they add for Shadowlands. And so leveling through BFA’s missions is going to be a pain.

Honestly, what I’d like to see is an app that lets us access ALL the mission tables. We’re going to be able to level 1-50 in WoD, Legion, and BFA, and progression in many cases requires the mission tables. So having access again would be really helpful.