WoW Companion App 2.0, no Legion

We would still like to have access to the Legion mission table via the mobile app. Allied races and class order halls still require it. With Shadowlands it sounds like we will still be going through Legion content. Please allow the app to switch between mission tables. Thank you.

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All Blizzard does is change the game beyond recognization and ruin the experience over and over again. I started out in Legion as a new player that was excited to play, and Legion was a great time. BFA made me feel like I had to re-learn the game? And now SL’s doing the same thing. On top of that they make everything pre-current expansion obsolete or remove it entirely. What’s the point to playing unless you want to solely do endgame current day crap? I’m on the verge of just being done with WoW.

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Yeah. I recently decided to get the app to help save me time when I finally log in and realized I have ZERO access to anything but BFA. Legion and WoD mission tables would be great. The only real chore would be Pandaria Farms and WoD Garrison Manual upgrades.

App is 100% useless to my characters under 110.

There’s a big update to the app on the way!

There you have it. Legion, BfA, and Shadowlands content.

Does this mean SL has a mission table system as well? I hadn’t heard, and haven’t played PTR or Beta.

They do, but it’s kinda different. I don’t know much of the details since I’m not in beta but I know there’s one and it’s designed a little differently. I think it has auto chess inspired mechanics?