WoW Community Council Live Chat - August 18

Today, the WoW Community Council met with Classic World of Warcraft developers Josh Greenfield, Ana Resendez, Nora Valleta, and Tim Jones to talk about Hardcore mode, the 1.14.4 patch, Wrath Classic, and related subjects.

Please feel free to keep the discussion going here, if you have any follow-up questions or comments on what was discussed.

Thank you!


On the topic of Fresh Classic/Fresh Classic Trilogy/Plus:

Knowing several players that would like to start fresh and experience the classic trilogy, we would love to see Fresh Classic Trilogy Plus adding in the following quality of life…

Upgrade characterization options (tattoos, hair, posture, the additional choices that current retail has)
In Game Calendar from retail
Looking for Dungeon Finder
Transmog, Transmog, Transmog
Flex Raiding
Retail AH
Fast Mailbox and more mailboxes in cities
Pet Battles
Fast gather herbs/mines (and just one hit on mine to get items) and node availability for 3 or 4 characters before dissipating.

And a personal request: Spirits of the Earth Mother’s tavern in Thunder Bluff run by Okwaho Redwood

And if it could ever happen:
Player instance housing, like maybe get a room at an Inn, resting area that is specific to a player’s race.

And a Dance Hall with music, drinks and a closeby room for a bar brawl.

And if anyone else has QoL suggestions for classic fresh if it happens please add!

And thank you to the developers and Kaivax and Bornakk for their time yesterday


Okwaho, you mentioned RP items in the live chat, and I wonder if you can list the RP items you’d like to see become usable outside of their area or quest.

Thank you!


So, basically you’re asking for retail with a more “difficult” questing experience mixed with pre cata content?

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Kaivax - apologies this took so long!

Example of some quest items that already can be used anywhere:
Ectoplasmic Distiller (Amazing puff of blue)
Horn of Echeyakee (just a horn that is consumed on use)

Items that have been suggested to me by some guild members that could be usable everywhere:
Add a recipe for Galgar’s Cactus Apple Surprise and make the cactus apples pickable even after completing the quest in Valley of Trials (not really an item, but it leads to an item)
Orwin’s Shovel (makes you mine animation on spot)
Aspect of Neptulon (potion that uses on yourself and gives people blue shine)
Fel Orb (from the Felhound Tracker Kit)
Egan’s Blaster (siphon life animation harmless)
Foreman’s Blackjack (twack!)
Zorbin’s Ultra-Shrinker (would be fun to use it on allies and shrink them)

Burning Crusade Item: Ashtongue Cowl
Wrath Item : Brann’s Communicator

And the folks also requested an increased use time on the appearance changing items

We appreciate the team giving these a look.


Without wanting to detract too much from the Classic-related nature of the topic, there’s a decent number of the aforementioned zone-limited quest items that are still available in the Dragonflight version of the game (as well as others that were added since then) that would be great additions for the RP communities there, be it as transmogs or toys with short cooldowns!