WoW Classic Stress Test on May 29

Did they? All I seen was that the ones who were there last week are going to be there this week, and that post did not state that there would be no additional invites.

Where is the post stating that no new people are being invited? Apologies if I missed it.

Yes and looking forward to doing this again

thats when they want everyone on to break the servers

No I mean I’m confused by the 2 hour window which they deem a stress test. I participated in the last stress test but wasn’t able to make it in the 2 hour window but I played after that. I’m wondering what the difference is between what they consider the 2 hour window vs the time after that until the next day when the servers shut down.

I’m guessing it’s just a superficial time they create where they prefer everyone sign in while they run their tests?

i just said it the 2hour window is when they want everyone on to break the servers to test the limits of them what is there not to understand about that

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How else can they coordinate everyone to hit the servers at the same time? It’s not a stress test if every one rolls in at their leisure. :wink:

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Day ??: Still no beta access, running low on rations and starving to test and create content. Luckily have stress test access which should be enough to last for awhile longer.


Carfo, it’s called a stress test because they want to stress out the servers and push them as far as they can go. Reasons for this would be to test certain functionalities that only come into play during those times, to get a better realistic idea of how many people it can handle, etc. So during the 2 hour window, they are all setup to monitor and collect data on how the servers function, what causes problems etc so that later they have the data. Which will help them in the future with design, decisions needed and predictions.
They aren’t monitoring it the entire 24hrs, the work day ends and everyone goes home, but they leave the servers up so everyone has a chance to login and get a taste.

I think the point here is that, if one wishes to test the servers at maximum stress, then one ought to test them when the maximum number of people are available, rather than tell people when to be maximally available. 2-4 p.m. on a week day seems an odd time to look for maximum population, since even the Eastern time zone wouldn’t necessarily be home from work. shrug Maybe internal numbers indicate plenty of people are available then.

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When you aren’t invited to either stress test…

Anyone else in the unlucky group? lol.


I am still waiting…

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it makes perfect sense. blizzard is located in california. 2-4pm then 5 or 6 is probably time to go home for the office.

Not off work till 3:30 :frowning: At least the server will be up untill Thursday :slight_smile:

Solidarity brother.

Agreed. It’s an odd time to do some tests. Luckily I get off early today :smiley:

Let me in!



UGH, been watching my realm list all week. May i have beta?

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knock knock knock.

hello. Have been camped on the blizzard launcher since sunrise waiting for the server to open. open up!

Its almost time Ladies and Gentleman! So get your Drinks and snacks ready cause tonight, we dine in Classic ! <3


Classic Stress test server now appears under Realm selection (Offline of course) Its not time yet but we’re almost there!