WoW Classic Stress Test on May 29

Let me in!
I hope this stress test performs better than the last one.

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Good luck on getting useful results! :man_mechanic:

Are new people going to be added?, i didn’t get into the last test :frowning:

Yes, they stated that the people who were invited to the previous test will be there and more invites will go out as well.


Im not complaining about another stress test but you probably could have tested more of what you wanted had your Newly found gods to worship aka streamers didnt decide to broadcast races to far away areas… IM sorry but wasnt the point of this test to TEST loggins and sharding in the lower zones and not test how hard mobs hit a lvl 3 in silithus… sounds like your gods ruined your plans

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It’s the one week stress test reunion! Looking forward to seeing everyone again along with those who may have received invites!


They LITERALLY said, they have enough people and are not sending out more invites…

Yes!!! I’ve been waiting all week to play and I can’t wait! Hopefully more BETA invites go out soon! <3

And now they are letting people keep thier level 5s from last week and having it at a time of day that most people are still in school or at work…

Almost feels like they are doing this one to trick people into thinking they have things all smoothed out when they are actually sweating while hoping that having like 1/4 of last times stress test for the focused 2 hours makes it go well.

Actual Launch will have the entire world trying to log in the exact moment servers go live. This test is just not a good representation of what to expect. Hopefully they can get some good info from the smaller sample size.

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FYI, Warsong Gulch will be available at level 10 in today’s stress test.


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Would be nice to be at staggered times so different groups can log in 7am start is a bit rough for those that need to work from other parts of the world…

Doing stress test moves us closer to unlocking beta on our account? :smiley: <3

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Need more rogue’s


To everyone who isn’t in beta etc but want to do well in Classic I suggest figuring out your Class & spec also what professions you will want. I think it’s also Important you try and figure out a leveling path as well if you’re trying to level in a dedicated manner so you don’t have to stop and google or ask questions as you’re adventuring. I consolidated a folder with all types of info while i been investigating and exploring good routes plus tips & tricks. I’m so excited to revisit vanilla with my buddy’s as we push our way threw raids and wpvp!

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How did you do that? Wont let me post any kind of link for a gif

Need trust level 3 on forums

Hmm guess I dont post in forums enough then

Thank you so much!!
My poor pally is lying dead in SW, will have to rez to level, haha.

Oh yea! That’s what I’m talking about! See ya’s in the Gulch!

Little snippets of engaging us! I like that Kavi! +1. Hope to see more!

Obligatory hype gif: