WoW Classic Stress Test on May 29

Sorry, my ignorance is showing!

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Yeah, putting it in the middle of the afternoon ensures many won’t be able to stress the server. I’m sure it will still be overloaded, but it won’t be an accurate picture of peak stress.

I got the Final Blow on Hogger first kill for the Stress Test :smiley:

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“getting more product in peoples hands” It’s a beta, they have all the testers they need atm. Take some deep breaths, go for a walk, do what you need to do to calm your emotions a bit.

Didn’t get beta so I’m gonna let the ol’ sub run out to save a few months in advance for classic. I’ll be there for the stress test though!

Does this mean there won’t be any other stress test invites? Since they said they will invite the all previous stress test people ( Just making sure)

It seems that way. At least for this upcoming unscheduled test.

Im guessing the test scheduled for June and July will each have their own set of invites that go out.

When you say including everybody for access, do you mean access to be in the game server and not in the login server? On May 22 everybody wasn’t able to get in at 4pm and a lot were on the login server.

Just curious :slight_smile:

Will there be other wave invites for stress testers if not Beta =/ ?

As a fellow 100% disabled veteran I hope youve had a nice Memorial Day weekend. See you in Azeroth!

Lol its all good man, just being cheeky

Pretty sure you need to be subbed to have stress test access

Time to test some stress tomorrow…cya there…

Will any new stress test invites go out? account since 11/25/04 here - ready to rock.

cant wait for it

I will be ready to continually relog multiple times for hours on end during the stress test tomorrow.

Will the normal beta be available during this time? (Only takes me 2 hours to get to level 10 : c)

/scratches at neck

Thnkx for the hit Blizz.

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not sure what the point of the race to AQ was. Anyway thanks for the invite Blizz, and the level 10 cap, I will be there

Can’t wait to test the log in sever again it was fun last week