WoW Classic Stress Test on May 29

Will the normal beta be available during this time? (Only takes me 2 hours to get to level 10 : c)

/scratches at neck

Thnkx for the hit Blizz.

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not sure what the point of the race to AQ was. Anyway thanks for the invite Blizz, and the level 10 cap, I will be there

Can’t wait to test the log in sever again it was fun last week

Thats what I would have liked yes, so there would be more testers instead of like 3.4k out of the 1m+ playerbase or however many. And I already did that earlier, this beta crap doesnt bother me anymore.

And for those who keep checking this thread:


Wait… Does that mean they aren’t wiping the level 5 characters?.. Really wanted to test fresh launch strats :frowning: and it could potentially reveal more problems having every single person logging in at the same few starting spots rather than all the random spots they logged out.

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Any new invites?

Listen to these people beg.

But if you want them sweet priest heals im going to need an invite.

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I deleted my toon. Why don’t you ever tell us this stuff beforehand? Jesus.

Yall are literally giving beta access to people who dont even play wow.

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As far as I know, even us stress-testors have to have active accounts, so what is the problem?

why did you delete?? lol they would have wiped it for you if they needed that to happen


I deleted it cause I hate myself.


nooooo >.< haha i’m sorry you have to go through this

its fine, 1-5 is like 20 minutes
5-10 will be like 2-3 hours depending on rng

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Hope everyone has a great time <3

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The biggest question that is outright being ignored to the point that its laughable.

Keen as for the Stress Test Tonight been waiting for this all week XD

they literally answered it already.