WoW Classic Stress Test 1

And for those who opted in then put it in barrens chat saying you got in and refuse to play the beta dont brag about it and tell blizz to give it to someone else

So the stress test is called Beta & Stress Test? Cause i just had that pop up in my Account and not sure what it means. I logged in and its only for the stress test. Or does it mean after the Stress Test i can mess around with the Beta?

Just got the stress test in my bnet at 4:20 xD


If you are flagged for the stress test you will only see the stress test realm which will be active at the times list then become unavailable on Thursday. It’s listed at that in the App since it’s the same client.


Still didnt get in :sob:

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Hey if someone from bliz can reply to this that would be helpful are you able to tell me if my account has been flagged for the beta or the stress test thanx

try logging in if you cant do anything its stress test if you can its beta

Alright, I understand that. But, im just unsure why it says Beta & Stress Test. I log in and it only shows the stress test realm for me.

Then you in the stress test dude nothing else

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He told you why. Read the last line.

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then you have stress test only


Stress here but no beta.

I dont even see the stress test beta download option in the dropdown

So what was it you did to clear the Cache? I’m apparently slow and need help.

You’re confusing people, Bornakk. They aren’t talking about the server list, they’re talking about your launcher and its terribly worded game selection. In the drop down where you choose Beta, PTR or Retail it says “Beta & Stress Test: WoW Classic” and that’s making people think they got into the beta AND stress test.

You should really have this reworded in the client, it’s confusing.


rip me oh well Ill still have some fun tomorrow

Sorry if I’m confusing folks but it’s pretty different situation than normal. If you got invited to the stress test you will only be able to play on the stress test.

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When does the Stress Test server open? I know you have a 2 hour window of looking but I assume there is time before and after that to mess around?

Do you know if regular beta invites are on hold while stress test invites are being sent ?

tomorrow at 7pm EST or 4pm PST