Beta question

Read here… If the realm isn’t available for you to log in right now, you’re part of the stress test group.


I was invited for Beta by E-mail way back in March of 2018…Iv’e been playing BFA for what 14 months now.

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You are in the beta, then.

Blizzard likes to be ambiguous.

just gonna leave this here

You are selected for the whole duration. They will add more and more people during the stress tests to see how well the game handles under loads.

Enjoy your time in the Beta. It’s like going down memory lane myself lol.

n ah its actually just stress test, mostly realized that when i saw download size was 5gb

When I played on private servers the entire WoW file was about 5gb.

Man, the beta sure is tasty.

Stress test invite is not beta invite.

When stress test is over, so is your access. (assuming you only have stress test invite)

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When BFA beta ended- doesn’t mean I stopped playing the expac when it was released. in all reality like it or not- yes it’s been for 14 months that I have been playing Battle For Azeroth. In one way or another. Let’s break it down…March 2018 I was asked by e-mail if i was interested in Beta Testing BFA…The Expac was finally released in August of 2018. roughly 5 and 1/2 months…plus 8 months since release… walla 14 + months…Easy wasn’t it?

nah was pretty hard

lil rough around the edges aye~

No need to rub it in our faces. :sob:

If you install the game in the same directory as Retail or the PTR, it will be smaller due to the shared resources. If you install it into another directory it will be closer to 9GB.

The option in the launcher says “Beta & Stress Test: WoW Classic” but if your invite is only for the stress test, you’ll get access today and up until tomorrow 6pm PDT when the stress test realm goes offline. It’ll come back online whenever the next stress test is scheduled, and your access will be back then as well.

The window 4-6pm PDT today is just when Blizzard will actively be monitoring the realm, thats why they want everyone possible during that time. But the realm itself will remain open until Thurs 6pm PDT.

If you read the email, it says that you will be able to continue playing until May 23.

Try posting in the section of the forum your beta relates to, i.e. classic. Most people there know what is going on - general discussion not so much.

It almost seems like that is the purpose doesn’t it. However, it is a 2 hour stress test and as a ‘reward’ you can play for one day up to lvl 5. Nothing to be really excited about imo.

Both accounts I ticked for beta classic testing got invites.

To reiterate what has probably been said:

If you received a standard beta invite (see: anytime before like… 2 days ago), your beta account will be labeled Stress Test for the duration, after which it will return to the regular Beta label. The regular beta server will be offline while the stress test server is active.

If you only received the Stress Test invite (ie: last couple days), you ONLY get access to stress tests. You’re still eligible for future Standard Beta invites, but you don’t have it yet.

just because she is wrong doesn’t mean you need to be insulting. The original poster already got his answers anyway there is no reason to be so rude.