WoW Classic Stress Test 1

If you’re not a streamer don’t even bother crossing your fingers.


It should become available at 4pm PDT tomorrow/Wednesday.


It’s showing up on my Bnet, Aussie account since 05! have faith mate!

hey… psst… Bornakk… pssst… let me in

Just a quick question i dont have the download in my does that mean i havent gotten an invite to either??

That is correct.

Your my hero dude show em how aussie do it xd

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Hi! Will there be a way for us to know if we actually got invited to the Beta after the Stress Test? I was checking my launcher all the time, saw the client and got pretty excited. But since both of them are the same client, do I have to keep opening the client and checking realm list, or will the Stress Test option be removed when it’s over? Thanks in advance!

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I want in soooooo badly! :frowning:

invites still going out?

Yup. I just got in literally 3 mins ago.


me too Hyk me too

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so what youre saying is youre going to dangle a carrot in a stick in front us with no carrot? is there any priority given to those who log into the stress test? if its successful are they going to receive beta keys? i dont see any reason why the shouldnt if your servers can handle it. can you confirm any of that?

Pls, seriously pls. I just want a taste of it lol, I’m so over watching


Damn, I’m going to miss out on all that level capped gold at 5.

I just got an invite says beta & stress test does that mean we will be able to play & test more after the stress? i’m doubtful as i couldn’t log into a server.

Has anyone ever told you that you’re the best CM in the entire universe :slight_smile:

This is my noob character from 2005, back when I was but a lil lad. Let me TOTALLY REDEEM myself with some stress test access as I facepull hogger for the boys.

No. Its just the same client, regardless of your access within the system.

I wonder if invites are rolling or if the wave for Stress Test / Beta has completed… let’s keep hoping!