WoW Classic Stress Test 1

This probably isn’t the place to ask but since I also got 2 PTR account showing may as well get an answer here.
Does anyone know why I can see my OG wow account name in the drop down menu (EU account) but my US account is named Wow1 ? Shouldn’t both be named after my OG account since my bnet account was born from my wow account ? It’s bothering me more than it should

2 PTR mean you have gotten into the stress test tomorrow

No it doesn’t, I’ve had 2 PTRs all week…

humm then i dont know

It will likely have the word Classic in it…

I resubbed my 2007 account for 6 months and just merged my 2004 account and still not getting any invite for beta. I feel so dumb now.

Mistakes were made… PEOPLE DIED!

I wish. They are both BFA PTR.

ahhh thats odd

So i take it people that live in Australia that have played the game for 11 years or more wont get in to the stress test or the beta can someone from blizzard confirm this at all

Don’t feel bad… I’m in the US, start date feb 1 2005 (over 14 years) no invites… it is what it is bro…

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yeah for realz i been playing for about 12+ years myself and still not beta or stress test so i feel you

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Its a lil sad that they are focusing on streamers getting in that have only had the game since cata but meh ill keep checking like i have since the 15th

Back to New World Alpha for me…

Do you think that if they didnt invite the maybe 50 streamers, that you would have received an invite?

Well, 50 more people would have had a fair chance :slight_smile:

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Have ypu noticed that alot of the stremers have no clue what a bug report is and reporting game mechanics that they think is a bug like come on bro

I had the exact same issue with my beta invite. I had to clear the cache and reinstall the blizzard app. That fixed it and I was able to download the beta.

YaY got a invite for stress test but sucks at the same time due to timezone I have to work so no test for me

well that sucks and im still hoping i get one