WoW Classic Season of Mastery is Now Live!

I’m not sure if you’re making fun of me or not or what you’re trying to say I honestly have no idea What you mean?

when does the beta end?

you must have been on a dead server or the low faction of ur server idk LFG is literly nothing but lfg this lfg that on mine so much you cant even keep up with the speed of it

whitemane went from 12k pop to 5k.

Apart from the huge playerbase that don’t give a crap about FF14.


NOT enough notice. Most people who will play this have jobs and stuff. You are going to miss out on a good chunk of the player base. Way to screw the pooch.

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Wait so…what day is it in Paris if one side is the 17th and the other is the 16th?!

are you kidding me
it’s like 3 weeks

I have a fulltime job, and yet I still find the time to play.

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You’re playing WoW. . . Take a seat kid.

Most people can be adults and say something simple like “Eh, it doesn’t appeal to me.” Like really, there are a lot less people now that sing praises about WoW because of the awful direction of the company and development. Even with regards to Classic.

New MC actually looks great, but please buff meme specs. Give us the old game we love with a new meta. Give vanilla the support it deserves, like OSRS and Path of Exile gets.


Its nice but it won’t change much. Spriest will oom even faster now since SWP is so mana expensive. Rogues can deadly poison and rupture and locks can use a dot depending on their spec. Maybe warriors’ deep wounds won’t get pushed off, if that was a thing. Feral tanks will be much worse without world buffs. It’s not nearly enough of a new meta, and since raids are harder, the meta will be followed very closely.

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some good grammar and formatting would greatly help your post…

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I no my spelling grammar is not perfect however here’s the thing when I’m trying to give suggestions.

If I’m too simple people say well that’s none of information and you’re not making clear and it’s just lazy.

On the other side of it if I make it too long it’s a book and nobody wants to bother treat through it.

The changes that I’ve listed I tried to word the best I could Is in the easiest most simple list way possible I mean.

are you really gonna tell me when I say something like move x talent up Is a tear or to X tear people don’t know what I mean?

On top of that if I separate them too much Again it just seems like it’s too long and people don’t want to read.

So it’s like I can’t win either way either they’re too short and people just don’t know what I mean are there too long and people don’t want to read them because they’re a book.

Unfortunately spelling plays a huge role with this statement. You need the word tier rather than tear. Autocorrect won’t assist with this since both words are valid words, but have different meanings.
The second issue is people have the attention span of gnats, they won’t read long windy posts on a a forum.
Google how to write an essay for pointers, and always keep it short and to the point.
Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:


ive played since 2007 will keep playing idc what ff supporters / shills say ill never like or enjoy it

this isn’t a question of “eh it doesn’t appeal to me”. people who play as a cat lady in a Final Fantasy MMO as an adult have serious emotional issues. they should be talking to a therapist.

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Just an fyi: he does this misspells on purpose. He’s a troll.

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I’m thinking it might be a bit too late for SoM for that to happen. But future seasons? Keep up the pressure. It’s a great idea if people really want this Classic game freshened.

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1st off thank you For the kind words and I do try to do that but again it’s like Is when you’re trying to suggest class balances that you know could be beneficial.

And you want those under performers to at least be not on par but at least be able to step in the raid.

And you’ve got a lot of people that just don’t want class changes at all or they’re stuck on this idea that just a little tweaks is all it’s going to take.

when well quite brinkly it’s very clear that it won’t How do you List those changes in a short way So everybody understands what you’re talking about.

But not write a book It’s a really hard mix in balance to hit