WoW Classic Season of Mastery is Now Live!

There will be patches before people get to MC


we’d like a little flavor added to SoM and not just a faster version of the exact same thing.


I need this.

I just have 2 questions Why Why blizzard You were on a really good track We were testing things trying to run things out there’s literally a million things you could have done.

Is this could have been your chance to really use something incredible to really grab us back in But no.

There’s not enough changes to get interest in this this is what’s going to happen there’s going to probably be a very decent population for.

the whole race to rag And don’t get me wrong I think it’s great that you’re supporting the hardcore community.

But that’s not enough to carry this There are things you haven’t explained about the PVP system I’ve read your article 4 or 5 times and I am still confused.

So simple question on that Is there decay or not because it’s not clear Secondly let’s talk about classes.

Everybody’s going to realize Hey what’s good Warriors are still really good rogues are still really good Hunters and mages are still really good maybe worlocks will be a little better.

Don’t get me wrong I think it’s great that you’re adding some new mechanics but this isn’t enough to entice people not most of us at least.

I was trying to Beta because I was really hoping you were going to do something incredible with this not the same old boring stuff.

I’m sorry but a couple bossed weeks in a little bit of tweeks to the pvp System which you were not clear about by the way.

Is not enough What about class balance How about we buff mean specks that quite a lot of people still want you to do.

At this point I’ll be honest I’d be happy if you just gave us classes at the tbc Prepatch.

It’s not amazing but it’s a 100% better than anything classic balance could bring us at the very least things would be different.

Because I guarantee this is what’s going to happen to a lot of people everyone’s gonna be hiked up they’re gon to jump in and within 2 weeks are once gonna hear and realize what’s good.

And then it’s gonna go right back to stacking rogues and Warriors again You want some help with class balancing.

Here’s some ideas You don’t have to listen to me but the very least I’m gonna say I did everything I could to try and make som The best it can be.

Not all of us are so rose tended where we’re willing to bury our head in the sand classic is a marvelous template And you’re just wasting it.

Bring back some of that creativity look at you literally got how many versions of the classes you could look at.

But quite frankly this Isn’t classic plus This is more classic minimal It feels like you did the absolute minimum amount of changes that you absolutely had to do.

And quite frankly at this point tbc May not be perfect But overall it’s just a better game than classic.

Yeah I said it The itemization is better The pvp system is Better Is an a million percent class balance is better.

It’s not the best That would be wrath But it’s still better than classic.

This is how I would fix the classes though

Som how to fix the

Enhancement shaman’s
ancestral knowledge That becomes Int instead of manna We remove the talent Is 2 handed axes and maces and just let Is them learn them. We move enhancing Totems up to the 1st tear. Is we move weapon mastery to tear 4 We give them mental Dexterity That goes in tear 3 We also give them Mental quickness Which goes in tear 6 We give them the wath version of storm Strike aka 8 second cool down And gives you 20% of your mana bak.

We move nature’s guidance Is up to tear one And make it 2% per hit per point instead of one.


We moove elemental devastation up to 2 up to tier one We give them Unleash the storm That goes into tear 4 We change call Of thunder to its wrath version We give them elemental precision That goes in tear 2 and lightning mastery gets moved up to tear 5 Give them lightning overload that Goes in tear 6 elemental mastery Gets moved up to tear 6 And we give them totem of wrath That goes in care 7.

Balance duid
we move nature’s reach to tear one We give them dream state Is that Goes into tear 3 We give them lunar balance And that goes into tear 4 And give them moonkin form From wath.

We also move Is natural shape shifter to restoration the 1st tear of restoration And we Move omen of clarity 2 tear 2.

Feral druid.
1st we change furor to the wath Version And same thing for heart of the wild We reduce the mana cost Is from 55% to 10% And we give them a slice and Dice Is combo point Ability I would say make it just a little bit Is better than the untalented version For rogues It’s like at 5 combo points it’s 45 seconds.

That way We changed Is the wolfhead helm And the pumbler So that they don’t have to one keep the same blue helmet on through the entire game And so thay don’t have to keep farming Is a 2 handed mace Is from nomer.

In addition I would say give them tree form from wrath And have hots Stack

shadow priests
move darkness From Tear 6 to 1 Reduce the threat generated by mind blast by a ton change vampire Embrace And improved vampiric embrace And shadow form to the wrath versions Move shadow form from tear 7 to tear 6 And give them vamperic touch the wrath version.

Ret paladin

make contentration Baseline Seals Now have a 30 minute Is duration And are not consumed when you judge blessing of Kings Is baseline as well Move precision I from tear 2 to tear one And make it 2% hit a point instead of one.

And when you have righteous very active And you pop divine shield You don’t lose threat And Is the health and mana Everybody gains from light and wisdom It’s no longer a chance it just Happens.

improved seal of the crusader Gets turned into heart of crusader Give them Is wrath seal of command Improved retribution aura and sanctity aura Becomes Is sacrificed retribution.

Vengeance Gets moved up from tear 6 to 5 Repentance Gets moved up from 7 to 6 Give them cursator strike And that goes in tear 7 Give them Is judgment of the wise and shards of light and combined the 2 into one talent and get rid of the healing part of shards of light And that goes in tear 6.

Move Is improved concentration aura to hole in tear 3 and Move unyielding faith to protection tear 2. move improved blessing of might to Holy tear one and Move divine strength to retribution Is tear 1.

Protection Paladin

Give them hands of reckoning Is move deflection from retribution tier 2 Is to protection tear one And move improved devotion aura to tear 2 Is retribution and make it the rough version.

Move reckoning Is from tear 5 to tear 4 Is holy shield Is from tear 7 to tear 6 And make it the wrath version Is give them touched by light and judgment of the wise But combine them into one talent and get rid of the healing part of touched by light That goes in tear 5.

And give them avenger shield Is the wrath version.

one really quick thing When I say tear I mean rose Obviously You have 7 rows Is 7 tears.

Devastate reach Give them the tbc Is version and Give them soul shatter and Move Emberstorm up to tear 5 And give them soul leech in Tear 6.

Give them aspect Of the Cobra From wrath

This is how I would fix Classes.


thumbs down blizz, class/spec balance needs to happen along with item optimization and increased loot drops with the sped up cadence


Take your money and provide toxic people a raid to yell at one another.


Why dont you work on the current game you have , rather then release these attempts. WoW aint a fast paced leveling game that require seasons .


Clearly the game has been rushed since Vivendi Games sold Blizzard to Activision in 08’ .

The only changes now are to parallel the oldest business model. That is, offer nothing of quality beyond the first product to capture the markets attention.

Factually, the world in general has only learned about this two weeks before release? Furthermore NOBODY CARES one iota based upon the fact can only find 4 “news” articles even written on this trash.

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We see what u did there… kek

It’s to compete with FF xpac.

After 12 months of Season of Mastery, will my character be deleted and gone forever or be allowed to keep playing? Can they be transferred to a new server with enough people to continue playing at my desired speed?


don’t worry, blizzard won’t pass up an opportunity to milk money with server transfers.


This is why we don’t do nneth once ^^

You are 100% wrong with this. They are desperately targetting the former WoW players who are now playing FF14 because they’re fed up with Blizzard with this hoping to win them back for the quarter report numbers inflation.

Over a year ago they expanded the free trial to include ARR and Heavensward with the cap being raised to 60 on every job, this includes the post patch content. You clearly have no idea what you’re even talking about. This patch also included a litany of changes to ARR with the cutting of a lot of side stories in the MSQ to make it more streamlined while also removing I think like 50 or so quests from the 2.1 to 3.0 grind before players could access Heavensward and retooling ARR zones to accommodate flying. 5.3 was easily the biggest patch of the expansion and added so much with these overhauls Blizzard would release it as an expansion feature.

What’s funny about you saying this is that is the exact word every streamer used to describe FF14 but after having played it extensively has now said it wasn’t a weeby game to them, it just has a very japanese influenced artstyle. But well if we’re going on these dumb lines, enjoy your furry game.

FF is still a garbage game they could change it 500000 times and it would still be junk you can polish a turd but its still a turd


right but that turd pulled how many players away from the botched launch of TBC?



let me guess your one of thoes who thought t5 and t4 should have been in at launch right? so people could blast through both tiers then whine theres nothing to do??

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To be honest I hope you are right I just dont think you are though. It seems to be the same meta maybe a few more locks and MAYBE a cat druid, other wise every other classes that struggles with mana wont be play in hardcore guilds. Not saying that they wont be played and they can be fun just the game is balanced for warrior rogue and mages lol. I played ret pally in classic and I felt like i was holding my raid back so i switch to heals. So unless blizzard changes the classes some to balance it a bit we wont see a change in the meta for the most part.

no offense but you’re kind of an idiot. no i didn’t think that at all. I missed the initial wave of levelers and trying to do anything, even as tank, was pulling teeth. 5-man content was dead, 5-man heroics were dead, and everyone raid logs. TBC’s launch was a disaster so I unsubbed until SoM.

We… are talking about the same game here? 17 YEAR OLD CONTENT. Take 2. Not even a straight re-release but a do-over on that same re-release? Timed between 9.1.5 and Legion TW Mage Tower FOMO? Once again REACTING to what Final Fantasy is doing instead of trusting their content?

And everyone is just… OK with this?