WoW Classic Season of Mastery is Now Live!

I absolutely cannot wait for this. This will give me the chance to play progressively through the game with my daughter just as I experienced it (or close enough). Excited to see this possibly expanded to TBC, and fingers crossed possibly Wrath of the Lich King… where I shall live until the end of my days lol



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these new mechanics might be added to fight the heavy melee meta… maybe more anti melee mechanics and such.


That’s the big contradiction of SoM.

  1. Much faster content phases (boo, imho)

  2. Substantially buffed mob and boss HP in Molten Core, also no WBs = MUCH longer raid night (also boo, lol)

I like my raid night to be relatively quick and to complete content in an extremely efficient manner with my guild.

But I also enjoy continuing to run that content, and find little things to get better at each week. Not to mention I like to truly complete my BiS, and had horrible RNG with that in classic, never once seeing Death’s Sting drop despite one-shotting C’thun on week 1 and every week thereafter for the final 2 phases.

On the one hand, the design of SoM is geared towards getting people to rush (faster leveling also sounds awful, FWIW).

On the other hand, it is designed towards making MC a painfully slow raid?

The overall design feels extremely incoherent.


Nope. I told you we were done.
Bring on SoM!

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I don’t even know what “EW” is, nor do most people.



Blizz ain’t bein’ subtle here.

Name Reservation is Nov 11th, but what TIME is the reservation at?

there’s a detailed map with times for every timezone in the link -.-

I don’t think Blizzard is concerned with FF nonsense.


Oh no, if you look at the past several FF releases you can see major Blizzard announcements/releases pretty much either on the exact day or a day or two prior to the FF one. They definitely do it on purpose, it’s pretty habitual.

Also, it’s not like it’s shameful or anything, FF is the more popular MMORPG so of course they’ll try to do everything they can to leg up.


I mean… this is just ignorant.

Pepsi as a company isn’t threatened by Coke, they know they will be able to continue doing business no matter what Coke does.

But they definitely keep tabs of what Coke does. And if they can take market share from Coke, they do.

This is the same. They aren’t afraid, but they are definitely aware.


Excited about this. Thanks Blizz!
I’ll roll a warlock this go around.

I could care less about the “meta”.

Games been out almost 20 years. If you can’t defeat raids without meta comps I got nothing for ya.

Play what’s fun and what you like. :+1:t2:


deff not more popular its only as big now cuz of people like asmonbald and other streamers saying so that and other brainwashed weebs who would rather read boxes of text then just grab a quest and go do it


no you only get to play a task or whatever till level 30 something or whatever i dont knwo i got to a certon point and had to sub so i did for about a month boosted to 60 finished ARR then deleted and cancled and glad for it but hey if you Weebs love reading text more then just graB quest and go on more power to you

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Fresh server launches are a lot of fun, I just wish I could take time off work and be a degenerate gamer for the first few weeks of SoM.

I’m just disappointed that they just dropped this bombshell 2 weeks away from release. I guess I should expect such a careless regard to their customers.

Will there just be 1 PVE server & 1 PVP server per region, which a ton of layering ?

I’m hoping so!

No need to create multiple realms to die over time.

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dude the people who play FF are not their target audience lol


Maybe you don’t like reading because you have a hard time with it as seen from your spelling mate.


What do you measure by? It has more paying subscribers.

I feel like this is a little rushed to compete with Endwalker, there was talk of more changes for this Season, like more mechanics in Molten Core instead of just bigger health pools. I would also like buffs to dungeons like Stratholme which got nerfed many times over the course of the original release.
I guess this is all we get until next season, hopefully next time we get more changes like to items to make more gear viable & maybe something like Karazhan as the tier 4 raid after Naxx.

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