WoW Classic Season of Mastery is Now Live!

I think it probably is a very small amount of servers, given you can only reserve one name per account. Maybe as little as 1 pvp and 1 pve per region.


What new meta? They did no class changes.


You don’t think uncapped debuff isn’t a class change…?



i knew it would be a nov release screw FF14 that game can die and rot in a fire damn weeb trash


I would like if we could actually have 2 games open this time like som + tbc/era and not have to choose between one… but thats wishful thinking.

fights are longer due to increased boss HP. casters still run out of mana, rogues and warriors do not. the meta still same :confused:


you can still play both i fully intend to leveling on classic when not doing raids on tbc

What about allowing multiple druid heals on the target?? Is that still not allowed?


Yes but thats not the same. if I want to be in a bg que and do a bg but not afk and wait in shatt I could just tab over and play som :smiley:

No, what difference does it make?

Locks can use dots now? Locks already have threat issues, so more damage makes it more likely to pull aggro. On top of warrior tanks generating much less threat due to the loss of world buffs. Also, casting dots cost mana. So now they have to life tap more. Healers then have to spend more mana healing those warlocks. That’s an issue given the fights will be significantly longer and all mana classes will be in danger of running out of resources. Which is why warriors are still dps kings, since they use rage.

So what changes in the meta? So-called ‘meme’ specs are even less desirable. More difficult, longer fights means the most optimal setup becomes more essential. If you can heal, you’ll heal. Warriors will tank. They will be top dps. Rogues will be there as well. Mages might have to wand more when they run oom. Warlocks stay about the same. Maybe hunters get a slight bump with serpent sting, or more importantly hunter’s mark being used. That’s about it.


This is gonna be cool! More fun and I just can’t wait. Anyone knows where to reserve the name?

RP-PVP serv? Are we getting one?

Also is blizz that suicidal to actually put SoM +their retail bandaid patch during EW release date bc if the boomers at Activision’s marketing think ppl are gonna log on at Nov.19th to play re-re-released content vs EW, they need to get off the copium as Blizzard can’t stop the hypetrain (that they ironically contributed to) or sabotage it like they did with Battleborn (by releasing Overwatch’s open beta) for EW in their fractured state.

What the eff is EW? Are we gonna play classic wow? Yes. Is blizz suicidal? Nah, pretty sure they have a good idea to boost sub numbers before earnings report though.

This will be a new exciting season of mastery. For bots. Sadly.

I guess that i will check it out but we really need more changes.


screw ffailure of a mmo 14 its a giant reading simulater utter garbo i unsubed and deleted that trash 5 months ago and will never go back but keep sh?? talking wow ff14 fanboi whos brainwashed


You ok there? Reading is good for you as it would improve your literacy.

I love WoW and I enjoy classic than SL/retail right now (I played retail first then classic) but with the current state of the game and Blizz not caring about players, as the people in charge seem to be marketing and not actual programmers and players who play the game, FF14 being free makes it a nice game to just kill time on.

being AFK in Uldah hearing people badly play midis is a bit more exiciting than having ppl say “WTS BOOST SP AFK AT ENTRANCE 50G!! CIRCLE STAR DIAMOND” in Shatt rn

its only free to lvl 30 which i hit long ago finished the base story but couldnt stand alll the reading and text boxes i wanna grab and go pick up quest look at map move on not sit there and listen to a book telling me the crap behind the quest


So you didnt play FF14.

If you did, you would know that the Final Fantasy 14 free trial got expanded and is better than ever as you can beat the base game, reach lv.70 and it comes with the hit first xpac; Heavensward for free! That’s all the raids, the dungeons, the story and over 200 hours of content for free.

(Sorry, I had to.)


So I hope for only a couple servers. If they get too packed then make more. You can always add layers. I want to avoid having dead realms